You know that moment when you’re at a party, and someone decides it’s time for a group photo. A random, kind soul agrees to take your picture. Five of your friends hand this person their iPhones and say, “Not to be annoying, but can you use mine too?” Suddenly you’re smiling, awkwardly posed for what seems like eternity, while this person balances 4 phones in one hand, and takes a photo with the phone in their other hand.

1. Cluster: First up we have Cluster. We love Cluster for it’s sheer simplicity. It does exactly what you’d expect; Cluster groups photos together based on physical location. It automatically creates city-based clusters when you sign up. Then you can manually create clusters for more specific locations. Signing up through Facebook allows you to easily add friends to a cluster to share photos. Once you’ve been added to a cluster, sort the photos by what time the photo was taken, upload time, or photographer. Photo overload from one cluster? Duck out quietly with the “Leave Cluster” button in settings.

3. CapsuleCam: This app creates “capsules” of photos for you to share with friends. If you’re looking to create private albums, CapsuleCam is the perfect solution for you. Invite your friends to join your capsule through email. Then you can lock your capsule with a specific passcode. We also like that this app lets you to text everyone subscribed to the capsule.

4. Albumatic: Finally we have our favorite group photo sharing app, Albumatic. Albumatic creates shared photo albums based on location, making it perfect for events. Just like the other photo sharing apps, signing up with Facebook makes it super easy to find and add friends. From there start an album. If any of your friends are close to you, they’ll be able to snap photos and add them to the album. Friends who aren’t in the same location can receive alerts each time a new photo is added  — making sure they don’t miss a single moment.

What group photo sharing apps are you using these days? Share your favorites in the comments below.