We’re not going to lie: tribal manis are what made us fall head over heals for nail art. With that eye-catching, any-color-goes palette and mix of wild patterns, could you really blame us? We’re completely set on acing the intricate Aztec-inspired designs for festival season, so we sourced our 18 fave nail art tutorials that show exactly how to turn your tips totally tribal. All it takes is a handful of bright polishes and some serious geometric inspiration to recreate these stand-out looks all spring and summer long.

1. Tribal Triangle Nail Art: Triangles are the cornerstone of the tribal-inspired look, so why not let them have their time in the spotlight? We’re nuts about how this design looks paired with that cutout midi ring. (via So Nailicious)

2. Easy Aztec Pattern: Don’t think for a moment that the tiny stripes and shapes of Aztec-inspired nail art have to be a chore—use a stencil to take the look to the max and keep the effort to a minimum. (via Minted Strawberry)

3. Geo Printed Tribal Nails: No nail design is the same on this tribal mani—and we’re obsessed. The palette of pink and royal blue keeps the eclectic look cohesive. (via Chalkboard Nails)

4. Tribal Patchwork: These two-faced nails are so fresh. Use a contrast color to divide the nail in two, then outline the details in black to make ’em pop. (via Refinery29)

5. Studded Ikat Nails: This manicure takes tribal nail art to the next level. The shimmering metallic ikat nails wraps are expertly paired with a crescent of bold blue polish and a single gold stud. Perfection. (via So Nailicious)

6. Pastel Pattern Nails: Who would have thought that Aztec-inspired nail art could look so insanely pretty? Silver tips make the soft pastel palette totally modern, too. (via Pshiiit)

7. Aztec Steps Nails: Over triangles? Try adding this graduated geo pattern over a fabulous yolk yellow base to get a tribal-inspired look that’s a step above the rest (oh we had to!). (via Pshiiit)

8. Teal Tribal Tips: Are tribal tips the new French mani? We sure hope so: this asymmetrical herringbone design is simply stunning on a nude nail. (via Minted Strawberry)

9. Copper Leaves: Dots and dashes of copper polish give tribal nail art a totally feminine vibe. It would look even chicer over a base coat of white or duck egg blue. (via Refinery29)

10. Light Tribal Nails: This nail art is all about organized chaos. There’s something so graceful about the flow of the linear pattern, especially when it’s paired with a fierce contrast nail. (via Pshiiit)

11. Textured Tribal Nails: Outline your tribal-inspired shapes in a color other than black or white, and more specifically in this hot pink polish—it’s a genius move. Swoon with us, won’t you? (via So Nailicious)

12. Tribal Stripe Nail Art: Swirls, stripes, squiggles—this Aztec-inspired nail art has it all! Multicolored stripes create a paint-by-numbers like canvas that make this design much easier to achieve than it may seem. (via Lulu*s)

13. Nude Ikat Nails: Yes, there is such a thing as everyday tribal-inspired nail art—this nude ikat design proves it. It’s definitely on our list of looks to copy this spring. (via Pshiiit)

14. Black Marker Pattern Nails: The secret’s out: the easiest way to nail these intricate tribal-inspired looks is with a thin tipped Sharpie. You’re welcome. (via Isla Everywhere)

15. Neon Tribal Nails: There might not be a more appropriate way to use up your neon nail polish. Stripes of warm colors make a perfect base for zips of electric yellow and white. (via Oh So Pretty)

16. Pattern Play Nails: We do support a neutral nail when it comes to tribal manis: just take a look at this design to see why. The intricate details really pop against that nude polish. (via Uncovet)

17. Dark Tribal Nails: We’re digging the cozy vibe of this eclectic mani that mixes dreamy grey blue with girly pink and teal. This is the way to wear tribal nail art off-season. (via Pshiiit)

18. Arrow Pattern Nails: Arrowheads add edgy detail to this all-white mani. Plus, those random strokes of yellow polish make this Aztec-inspired nail art all the more eye-catching. (via Globe & Nail)

Are you nuts about tribal nail art? Is it the colors or the shapes that get you goin’? What will your festival mani look like? Tell us in the comments below.