It’s a small world after all, so small that you can now get your hands on international gourmet goodies from around the world right at your doorstep. Or, maybe you should take them inside and feast from there. Either way, new bimonthly subscription service Try the World is delivering up local treats from cities like Paris, Rio and Tokyo, no passport required.

Sure, you’ve probably been to a fancy gourmet shop that sells French sweets and Japanese teas before, but Try the World is actually mailing you an experience. Their debut box is a mini trip to Paris complete with jams, teas, candies and a generous side of culture: French poems, a Parisian playlist, pro tips for what to eat and sites to see on your next trip there. You’ll get to learn a little about each city you’re snacking in. Yum!

What we love MOST about this new subscription service is that it celebrates makers around the world by spotlighting products from local, family-owned artisans in each city. It’s kind of like if you visited France and made a super cool local friend (we’re assuming she has a pretty bike with a baguette in the basket at all times) and she brought you around to her favorite places. Only you can reap the benefits while wearing sweats and watching Netflix. And not having to brush up on your Français.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving… and it’s totally cool if you just want to give that gift to yourself. You could also bookmark this for your friend with perma-wanderlust or save the idea for a sweet sendoff gift before someone’s honeymoon or study abroad trip. This is way better than a travel book! The Paris Box is currently sold out, but you can spring for the 3 City Tour ($140) or sign up to get the subscription, which is $45 for one box every two months. It’s a whole new world. And don’t you dare close your eyes.

Anyone up for a trip? What city would you want a box from?