Summer Olympics season is upon us, and we're getting pumped to see the world's best athletes compete for the gold. While Beijing's big reveal was all about HD streaming and high quality content, this year is all about how folks will be following and talking about the Olympics on their mobile devices. Here are 9 mobile apps that'll give you an Olympic education, a virtual front row seat, and up-to-the-minute standings 'til the Olympians come home.

1. London 2012: Official Results App (iPhone/iPad + Android)

Looking to get the most up-to-date results and news for all your favorite Olympic sports? With this app, you can get (and share with friends) real-time results and news. You can access a live schedule, pictures, and background on both sports and athletes. If you’re looking to streamline your experience, you can choose to follow whatever countries, sports, or athletes you’re interested in.

2. London 2012: Official Join In App (iPhone/iPad + Android)

If you’re lucky enough to be in the London this summer, this app is for you. Not only will it help you plan for the official ceremonies of the Games, you’ll also be able to check out cultural and community celebrations throughout the UK. You’ll be able to find out more information about all the events going on around you, create a schedule (complete with alerts to remind you), meet up with your friends, and make the rest of us jealous.

3. Curly's Pocket Guide to Sports (iPhone/iPad)

Are you a little rusty on the specifics of all 39 disciplines featured in this summer’s Games? Curly’s here to help. She’s got off-the-wall facts (What happens if a pole vault stick snaps?) and more conventional answers (How many events are there in men’s gymnastics?). Sometimes silly and always informative, Curly is like the best friend you’ve always wished you had sitting next to you in a sports bar.

4. Reuter's Olympics London 2012 (iPhone/iPad)

Scores and medal counts are great, but nothing beats really seeing the golden moments of the Olympics. Reuter’s award-winning photographers capture the best live photos from the Games and this app lets you have them at your fingertips.

5. Team USA Road to London Olympics (iPhone/iPad + Android)

USA! USA! USA! Get your team pride with updates on the team, editorial content on your favorite sports and athletes, and bios of all your fellow countrymen going for gold. “Cheer” on Team USA by sending personal messages to the athletes’ Twitters and Facebooks via the custom-made button on the app.

6. BBC Olympics (iPhone)

With up to 24 live streams, on demand video, and customizable tabs, this is the ultimate mobile way to watch the Olympics on either 3G or WiFi. You can get daily commentary from BBC journalists, and the top stories are available offline via the app. All of the content is exclusive to the BBC in the UK.

7. London 2012 Official Mobile Game (iPhone/iPad + Android)

Feeling a little left out of the Olympic action? Hold your own personal Games by training your “athlete” to compete in 9 different events, with settings based on the real venues in London.

8. NBC Olympics (iPhone/iPad + Android)

This app gives you access to news, video, and photos to let you brush up on your knowledge of the athletes and teams prior to the events. You can share your Olympic-sized pride with your friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can also access real-time results and medal counts and make sure you never miss a live broadcast with up-to-date TV and online listings. While you’re catching up on the action during NBC’s nightly Primetime Show, the app turns into a companion to the broadcast, giving you more info on everything you see on TV. Fair warning: You need a cable or satellite subscription to take full advantage of this app.

9. NBC Olympics Live Extra (iPhone/iPad + Android)

Want to watch all the action live? This app gives you live video with an enhanced viewing experience, including replays and alternate camera views. Don’t miss a thing: Get push notifications for all your favorite events. You’ll be able to DVR most of the events, in case you can’t watch them while they’re airing. This really is a gold medal-worthy mobile Games experience.

We really can't get enough of Curly's charming sports illustrations – such a great app to keep on hand even during non-Olympics months.

Are we missing any apps that you’re using to enhance your Olympics experience? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter.