If cooked the right way, a deep-fried turkey can make your Thanksgiving dinner an even more magically delicious feast. But frying up a 20-pound bird can be a difficult (and dangerous) feat, so we’ve searched high and low for recipes with step-by-step instructions to make sure you nail the main Thanksgiving dish. Whether you’re taking over the turkey fryer or settling for some bite-sized turkey nuggets, the recipes below are sure to deliver a dish that’s moist, crispy, and all-around yummy.

Brown Sugar Brine Deep Fried Turkey Recipe

1. Brown Sugar Brine: Brine your turkey in brown sugar and salt overnight. After frying that bad boy for 30 to 40 minutes, let it rest for 30 more before carving. (via Chaos in the Kitchen)

Basic Fried Turkey Recipe

2. Basic Fried Turkey: Salt and pepper go a long way in this classic fried turkey recipe. Fry it outside for some extra maneuvering space. (via Fannetastic Food)

Citrus-Brined Deep Fried Turkey Recipe

3. Citrus-Brined Deep Fried Turkey: This turkey is brined in a lemon, orange, Chinese five spice, and Old Bay Seasoning mixture and then fried to crispy brown perfection. (via Patio Daddio BBQ)

outhern-Rubbed Fried Turkey Recipe

4. Southern-Rubbed Fried Turkey: Spice things up this Thanksgiving with a Southern-rubbed deep-fried turkey. The kick comes from dry mustard and hot paprika. (via Chow)

Garlic and Herb Deep Fried Turkey Recipe

5. Garlic and Herb Deep Fried Turkey: Garlic and herb marinade + garlic and herb dry seasoning = a flavor-packed fried turkey. (via Kirbie’s Cravings)

Italian Seasoned Deep Fried Turkey Recipe

6. Italian Seasoned Deep Fried Turkey: Italian seasoning isn’t just for salad dressing this holiday season. Use it on your Thanksgiving bird, and you’ll have your guests clamoring for seconds. (via Oh, Sweet Basil)

Southern-Style Deep Fried Turkey Recipe

7. Southern-Style Deep Fried Turkey: Vinaigrette dressing and dry sherry are the base of this Southern-style marinade. Just remember — a little cayenne goes a long way. (via Grilling Guide)

Spicy Deep Fried Turkey Nuggets Recipe

8. Spicy Fried Turkey Nuggets: Too nervous to tackle a turkey-sized deep fryer? These spicy turkey nuggets are small enough to make in your kitchen’s mini-fryer. (via Tasty Turkey)

Deep Fried Turkey With Beer and Butter Marinade Recipe

9. Deep Fried Turkey With Beer and Butter Marinade: Inject your turkey with this bangin’ marinade, made with Worcestershire, beer, butter, soy sauce, garlic powder, and onion powder. It’ll be ready in only an hour and 20 minutes. (via Dawn’s Recipes)

Oil-Free Deep Fried Turkey Recipe

10. Oil-Free Deep Fried Turkey: Curious how they made this crispy bird sans oil? Click and find out! (via Grillin’ Fools)

11. Deep-Fried Sous Vide Turkey Porchetta: For meat that’s both crispy and juicy, this porchetta-stye turkey breast is the way to go. It’s cured with fennel, sage, and red pepper and cooked sous vide, then crisped up in hot oil until golden brown on the outside. (via Serious Eats)

12. Buttered, Salted Deep-Fried Turkey: This recipe is proof that your Thanksgiving turkey doesn’t have to be complicated. Just fry your bird, then slather it in butter and shower with salt for a transformative experience. (via The Wooden Skillet)

13. Chipotle-Injected Deep-Fried Turkey: A flavor injector is the secret to making this meal shine. Smokey chipotle marinade infuses each bite, while the skin outside stays perfectly crisp and golden. (via Kirbie’s Cravings)

14. Fried Turkey Breast: If you’re pressed for time or are having a small celebration, this is the recipe for you. A brined boneless turkey breast leaves you with plenty of juicy white meat, and takes just about 15 minutes to cook. (via Knowing Full Well)

15. Deep-Fried Sriracha Turkey: If you love spicy food, the bland Thanksgiving spread is probably pretty boring to your palate. But if you add a little Sriracha into the mix, it could become your favorite holiday meal. (via Tori Avey)

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Additional reporting by Justina Huddleston.