Although we’re fully willing to give Taylor Swift full marks for going all out at her friends’ birthday party (as well as bringing back her classic curls), not all peeps are being as kind. When videos popped up showing Taylor onstage performing a duet with Nelly, plenty of folks were cringing way too hard to resist some serious snarking at the somewhat awkward performance. Between Kim K’s video leak, Calvin Harris’ Taylor-trolling video and now this, videos are just not Taylor’s friends at the moment.

Taylor Swift

While celebrating bestie Karlie Kloss’ 24th birthday and friend Michael Hess’s 30th birthday in style during a bash in the Hamptons, Taylor surprised her buds with a little “Dilemma” performance after Nelly pulled her up on stage.

While Nelly strutted around the stage in all white, Taylor wore a black crop-top and matching shorts with stark white shoes as she did her best sultry swagger, eventually popping a kiss onto Michael’s cheek as he watched from the side of the mini-stage. Those of us who know and love Tay just the way she is are all too familiar with her occasionally gawky dance moves, and have come to embrace their adorkable charm. But by other folks’ standards, the whole event was just too awkwardly painful, and they were only happy to share their opinions on Twitter.

Others thought that it was the singing itself that was a problem:


Enjoy the original featuring former Destiny’s Child songstress Kelly Rowland below, if you’re not a fan of Taylor’s version.

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(Photos via Jason Merritt, Mark Davis/Getty)