Chef Tyler Florence may be best known for his Food Network shows and San Francisco / Bay Area restaurants, but he's also the lead food innovator (AKA recipe developer) of Innit, a free recipe app that helps make home cooking easy. We spoke to the chef about his picks from the app's holiday dishes for a more effortless (and tasty) supper than ever.

Brit + Co: You are famous for some indulgent holiday recipes — from heavy-cream-cooked mashed potatoes to bacon-wrapped turkey. What are your go-to ways to lighten up traditional holiday fare without sacrificing flavor?

Tyler Florence: I like to make sure there’s a dish for everyone at the table, so this year we created two new vegan versions of classic recipes: vegan mashed potatoes made with roasted onion purée and crispy vegan cauliflower stuffing. There’s always a good chance that you'll need to accommodate a vegetarian or vegan in the house.

B+C: What's always on your table during the holidays?

TF: Prime rib with creamy horseradish is a classic dish for the holidays. Prime rib is a staple at my dinner table — it’s a Florence family favorite — and with only seven ingredients required, it doesn’t require a huge haul to the grocery store, which is a lifesaver when trying to navigating the grocery aisles in the days leading up to the holiday!

B+C: What are your fave holiday sweets to serve?

TF: To me, the holidays just aren’t the holidays without homemade pecan pie. Thanksgiving is all about pumpkin pie, but pecan takes the spotlight in December in my house (must be my Southern roots). There are so many ways you can get creative with it — from adding raisins, a gluten-free crust, or even a splash of bourbon for an extra kick. Christmas morning pancakes and classic, crumbly cobblers are coming soon [on the Innit app]!

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(Photos via Innit)