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WTF: This One Tree Produces 40 Kinds of Fruit

Using grafting techniques, artist Sam Van Aken created the Tree of 40. That’s one tree that bears over 40(!) types of fruit.


This Is the Easiest Way to Order Pizza EVER

Leave it to five teenagers (and one person providing “adult supervision”) to master ordering pizza in 2014. Push for Pizza was announced this week, and it takes nearly all of the work out of ordering a hot pie.


HealthTap App Makes House Calls a Thing Again

HealthTap wants to bring back someone only your grandparents remember — the town doctor who makes house calls.


Turn Any Car into a Smart Car With Navdy

Navdy, a new Heads-Up Display (HUD) in the works, solves one of the most pressing problems of our modern age: How can I check Facebook without getting pulled over?


Download Detour for Your Next Staycation

Detour mobile app brings GPS-based neighborhood walking tours to your iPhone earbuds and is launching this fall in the Bay Area, with more cities planned for next year.


This Phone Case Gives You Insane Battery Life

On average, we check our smartphones 110 times a day–and we all know how that screen-flashing can kill your battery life. There’s a solution to save your precious battery life–a second, low-energy e-ink screen that works with any device.


Hack Your Game Boy With a Raspberry Pi and Good Things Will Happen

You’d be hard-pressed to meet a gamer that doesn’t miss the golden days of the Game Boy. If you (or your mom) are extra nostalgic, there’s a chance you still have your little slice of Nintendo sitting around in some attic or closet.


Harley Davidson Goes Green With an Electric Bike That Packs a Punch

Harley Davidson unleashed Project Livewire unto the world late last month. LiveWire is the first all-electric Harley, and Harley is now being heralded as the Tesla of motorcycles.


Finally! A Parenting Site Designed for Modern Dads

Fatherly is a site geared toward dads of all kinds, whether their offsprings are newborn babes or an angsty, social-media obsessed teens.


What Happens When a Tamagotchi Gets Busy With an Activity Tracker?

Wokamon, a new app from Noodum, mashes together the better parts of virtual pets with a pedometer to create a Tamagotchi with a purpose.


10 Spotify Playlists for the Best Summer Ever

From throbbing EDM beats to cabernet-sipping jazz, we’ve selected 10 of our favorite Spotify playlists you can play while blasting your friends with a Super Soaker.