On average, we check our smartphones 110 times a day (we know, we even impressed ourselves with that little factoid). And if there’s one thing all that Instagramming, tweeting and Brit + Co app checking does, it’s kill our battery life. The folks at Oaxis have proposed a solution to save your precious battery life — a case that includes a second, low-energy eInk (think the low-light, black-and-white, sunny beach-friendly display of a Kindle) screen for your device.

The InkCase+ is small and nimble enough to use as a case for your smartphone. The slim, 3.5″ screen embedded in the case also pops out and works as a standalone device connected to your phone via Bluetooth, using much less power because it doesn’t require backlighting or color.

Oaxis see a whole series of applications for their case, which is now being funded on Kickstarter (it’s already beat it’s $100,000 goal by over $90,000). The second screen is a great mini e-reader, perfect for shopping lists. There’s the FitCase, a durable cast you can strap to your bike for fitness apps that won’t drain your battery. You can even take pictures… but of course, you’ll be seeing everything in black-and-white.

By donating $79 or more to their Kickstarter, you can get a InkCase+ for a deep discount (which will be sold for $139 when they hit stores). Right now, Oaxis is working on a case that works with just Android phones.

What do you think about a world in black and white? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t Yanko Design)