The interesting thing about the Internet is how it changed what you can get brought to your doorstep without showering — groceries, taco-by-drone and Valentine’s Day gifts. And a new app, HealthTap (free on iOS and Android), wants to bring back someone only your grandparents remember — the town doctor who makes house calls.

Okay, the doctor doesn’t actually show up to your bedside. But the app puts you in touch with a real doctor through the web, and you can ask away all those medical questions that you can’t poll your Facebook friends about. The video might not seem like the same as a visit, but considering how hard it is to get an MD on the phone, it’s a massive step up from the alternative.

HealthTap was the first health app announced for Android Wear. The basic version is totally free, but if you want the Prime service, the one where you have 24/7 access to over 60,000 handpicked doctors, it’s $100 a month. With the rising price of healthcare and insurance, it might be worth the money for a call that is otherwise free. Not to mention, never having to go through another doctor’s waiting room experience sounds pretty a-okay to us.

What’s next? 21st Century milkmen? Tell us what you want on your doorstep in the comments.