In case you haven鈥檛 heard, the number of stay home dads is on the rise鈥 like big time. And with that little nugget of information, we all knew it was only time before there was a website just for dads about parenting, and unlike Dad Magazine, it鈥檚 completely real and completely useful. Enter Fatherly, now in beta test stages, a site geared toward dads of all kinds, whether their offsprings are newborn babes or an angsty, social-media obsessed teens.

The site鈥檚 approach is part men鈥檚 magazine and part parenting book. The creators claim their target is 鈥済uys who happen to be dads.鈥 So it isn鈥檛 too soft and cuddly, but not too 鈥渉ey here are some sure-fire pickup lines鈥 either. (We鈥檙e looking at you, Maxim.) The focus is on maturity, children and learning.

鈥淲e鈥檙e committed to making the parenting process easier,鈥 notes the team behind Fatherly, 鈥渨hether it鈥檚 offering a spot-on recommendation or a shameless laugh to help you focus on spending more quality time with your kid and less time freaking out.鈥

The articles range from teaching standard father skills like grilling to high-tech solutions for keeping your backseat passengers occupied and (relatively) quiet. They also provide think pieces on trends like dad-focused advertising, family finances and the obscene price of college tuition鈥 basically, stuff to peruse while the little darlings are down for a nap.

Unlike a lot of parent-focused content out there, the authors don鈥檛 assume the only people wanting parenting tips are women. Fatherly is a parenting site for 2014.

What do you want from a website for dads? Leave us your thoughts below!