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Skip The Bacon: 20 Vegan Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Whether you’re doing it for your health or for love of animals and sustainability, rise and shine. Breakfast is served, and it’s an animal-by-product-free affair.


20 Stunner Shades All Under $55

Don’t you dare go into the sun this summer without accessorizing your eyes. You got to keep those peepers protected while you’re enjoying that great outdoors (aka the pool and the beach). But if you tend to lose or break your sunglasses on the regular, you’re probably not very excited about the idea of dropping $500 on a pair of posh Oliver Peoples. We have a solution. Buy cheap stunner sunnies. There are tons of options out there, but to get you started, here our 20 of our faves.

Trends and Inspo

10 Vegetarian BBQ Ideas for Memorial Day

By the time summer rolls around we are all ready to get outside and spend as little time inside as possible. BBQing is the perfect way to take your cooking skills to the outdoors and continue working on your tan while grilling up some veggies. Yes, we said vegetables – not everything you put on the grill has to be meat. (Incase you’re more of the meat eater, check out these BBQ classics). There are many great recipes to feed the hungry vegetarian at your BBQ bash. Here are 10 of our favorite colorful dishes you can toss on the grill.


The Spice is Right: 15 Zingy Ginger Cocktails

It’s time to get experimental with your summer cocktails. Mixologists are coming up with new drinks all the time, using bizarre ingredients that somehow taste good when mixed with alcohol. Take, for example, the kale margarita — these new flavor combos are confusing and rocking our taste buds at the same time! Put down the simple simple syrup and try one of these 15 ginger-laced cocktail ideas to craft up in your bar at home.


20 Quirky Mugs Worth Waking Up to

Morning, you always come too soon. Rolling over and pushing the snooze button always seemed like a better option than pulling ourselves out of bed and facing you. We’ve decided it’s time to change that. You need to get excited about the morning — you’ve got amazing things to do and even more incredible things to see, right?! And with these 20 cheeky mugs by your side, you’ll be motivated to get your morning started with a side of sauciness.


14 of the Most Creative Pie Crust Designs

Since pies are the “pie-oneers” of the dessert world they need to hold their own, and not only be delicious but also make a statement. We all love dessert, some of us more willing to admit it than others, and we love it even more when you add a bit of craft to your delectable design. Whether you’re using a cookie cutter to make the pie crust stand out amongst its fellow desserts or trying something new for the first time – we love your creativity and keep it up! Not feeling creative today? Check out our 14 favorite pie crust designs to get your imagination up and running.

Dessert Recipes

Dinner in Minutes: 15 Soup Recipes You Can Make in Your Blender

Hosting dinner parties is a great opportunity to catch up with friends, share your great recipes and drink wine. Being the hostess, you sometimes watch all your guests enjoy themselves while you are stressing out in the kitchen cooking and cleaning. None of us want to host a dinner party if it goes that direction. With these 15 soups that can be made in a blender, you will spend less time cooking and cleaning and more time socializing and getting compliments on your amazing creations. Dig out the blender and put on your cooking hat.


12 Pastels That Might as Well Be the New Black

We all love holidays that give us an excuse to amp up our wardrobes. Easter = pastels. Pastels on your nails, pastel makeup and you might get in touch with your wild side and put pastels in your hair! We can’t get enough of pastel colors, obviously, and are already planning our Easter outfits… hop on the bandwagon and check out these 14 ways you can rock pastels and be the hit at Easter.