Alright folks, it’s time to get cozy. And guess who’s gonna help us do it? Ugg! We know, we know. There’s nothing brand new about the comfiness of the classic Ugg boot, but it turns out they’ve got a whole collection of warm and fuzzy duds, perfect for the holiday season. Best of all, they’re all available over on Nordstrom, our sponsor for this cuddly style roundup.

Ansley Slipper ($100): We’ll start things off by warming up the toes. Loving all the colors these moccasins are available in, especially the bright blue.

Audio Earmuffs ($67): Who knew Ugg had their own take on the audio earmuff? This works with most phones with standard headphone jacks and is a great way to stay warm and rock out. (If you’ve already got earmuffs and just want to add audio, check out our tutorial on how to make your own!)

Cheetah and Zebra Slippers ($130): Grrr! If sassy prints are more your jam than cuddly colors, go for one of these exotic pairs.

Plush Double Knit Robe ($125), Lounge Hoodie ($75) and Pants ($65):Nothing like spending the entire day at home with your friends and family, good food, and old school holiday movies.

Furry Fingerless Gloves ($55) and Classic Shearling Scarf ($250): And when your’e ready to head out, keep the cozy going. These fingerless gloves mean you can still text away, and the scarf is a gorgeous four-panel piece.

Sequined Bootie ($190): How could we resist including a classic Ugg boot? The sequins definitely make a statement ;)

What are your favorite pieces for cozying up over the holidays? Talk to us in the comments below.

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