What if there was a way to know before someone opens your carefully wrapped gift that they’ll love what you picked out? Introducing the Best. Gifts. Ever. collection in the B+C Shop, a roundup of unique gifts so fail-safe they’ll please even the pickiest person. It doesn’t take a gift guide to know you’ve picked a winner when you shop from the B+C Best. Gifts. Ever. collection.


1. Purrito Tee ($24): It’s pretty easy to understand why this is our best-selling tee in the shop. Cats + burritos + puns = winning combination, and it’s available for both men and women.


2. Custom Mixtape Pillow ($35): There are people you know, and there are people worthy of a mixtape. Show someone they’re the latter! You can customize what song is written on the pillow, turning it into a grand romantic gesture or a token of true friendship.

antler necklace

3. Antler Necklace ($36): This antler necklace comes in both silver and gold, a simple yet statement-making everyday option for the outdoors-loving gal.


4. Metal Stamping Kit ($49): You’ve got holiday gifts on lockdown once you start making your own hand-stamped jewelry. Turn initials or a favorite quote into a new favorite accessory. Buy this Bar Necklace Kit for $19 to do just that!


5. 2016 Coffee and Tea Calendar ($18): A gift that the tea and coffee lovers can agree on! With each month comes a beautiful new illustration of a hot tonic from around the world. Psst, this also makes a great gift for those folks on your list who are hard to shop for, since most of us have a soft spot for coffee, tea or both. For more options, shop tons of other Calendars & Agendas.


6. Hair Tie Bracelet Flower Design ($45-$85): Just like you, we’re all about fashion meets function. Every gal needs one of these genius bracelets that make it simple and stylish to keep hair ties on hand, while avoiding those annoying wrist indents.


7. DIY Hot Sauce Kit ($30): Make your own hot sauce to give away, or issue a challenge to the risk-taker on your list with a DIY hot sauce kit of their own. When it’s done, we think a tasting party is in order.


8. Custom Pet Pillow ($58): The pet lover near and dear to you will love their beloved furry friend immortalized on a couch pillow. The only prerequisite is a photo of their pet, which shouldn’t be hard to find. C’mon, you’ve seen their Instagram.


9. Photojojo Camera Phone Lenses ($20): Photojojo gadgets make SLR-quality photos possible with your iPhone or Android. Know someone with a photographic eye? Show them how much more they can be doing with the help of this little lens.


10. Calligraphy 101 Kit ($60): Give the gift of a new skill that doesn’t go out of style! There’s so much they’ll be able to do with calligraphy beyond this kit too, like stationery and poster design.


11. Wood Burning Cheese Board Kit ($40-50): This wooden board is your imagination’s palette. Make a custom gift you know they’ll use with your own designs burned into it (we have a tutorial if you need guidance).


12. Soy Glad We’re Friends Candle ($18): There’s no sense beating around the bush. Take an ordinary Christmas gift like a candle as an opportunity to tell them how you really feel.


13. Large Initial Necklace ($34): Big initials for even bigger personalities. These necklaces work just as well paired with a cocktail dress as they do with boyfriend jeans and a tee.


14. BKR Bottle ($35): It’s hard to find the perfect water bottle, but these have a way of becoming fast favorites. They’re the perfect size when you’re on the go and come in a variety of fun colors.

Which of these would you pick for someone on your list? Let us know in the comments below!