When you dream of your favorite hot dog recipes, you鈥檙e probably thinking about the last dog you had at the ballpark or neighborhood baseball party. Seriously, is there anything more quintessentially summer than baseball and a fully-loaded hot dog? The good news is that you can *easily* make your own gourmet dogs at home that you won鈥檛 find in any baseball stadium. If we could order Caesar salad dogs or Buffalo dogs at Yankee Stadium, we honestly would never leave. Instead of living in a tent in front of a hot dog stand, keep reading for 14 ways you can take an everyday hot dog to new levels.


1. Pineapple, Bacon, and Teriyaki Hot Dogs: Putting fruit on your hot dog may not be a basic instinct, but it鈥檚 one we should all develop. Pineapple is a great choice, especially when paired with bacon, scallions and teriyaki sauce. (via Shared Appetite)


2. Loaded Buffalo Hot Dogs: Blue cheese, hot sauce and mozzarella, oh my! If there was ever anything more perfect than combining classic Buffalo and hot dogs, we don鈥檛 know what it is. These have to be on your menu for the next game day. (via That Oven Feelin鈥)


3. Caesar Salad Hot Dogs: We know what you鈥檙e thinking: Why would you want to ruin your perfectly good beefy hot dog with a salad? Hear us out! The lettuce is minimal, the flavor is huge AND there are Parmesan crisps. Yep, you鈥檙e convinced. (via What鈥檚 Gaby Cooking)

california dogs

4. California Hot Dogs: Californians can鈥檛 have just any old hot dogs. They have to be filled with fresh ingredients and artisanal toppings. Try sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese and avocados to start with. (via Little Scratch Kitchen)

Corn Dogs

5. Hot Dogs With Chipotle Cheese Sauce and Bacon-Corn Relish: Say *hello* to summer on a hot dog. Between the chipotle cheese sauce and bacon-corn relish, these hot dogs are going to be on your cookout menu all season long. (via Cooking and Beer)


6. French Croissant Hot Dogs With Crispy Bacon: An easy way to transform your hot dog quickly is to think outside of the bun. Using something like a croissant will add interesting texture and flavor that it otherwise wouldn鈥檛 have. (via Climbing Grier Mountain)

guac dogs

7. Southwestern Guacamole Hot Dogs: We know that guac is amazing on everything, but it鈥檚 exceptionally good on a juicy hot dog. Adding black beans to your usual recipe bumps up the nutritional factor and totally justifies eating hot dogs as a full meal. (via Kim鈥檚 Cravings)


8. Hawaiian Hot Dogs With Grilled Pineapple and Teriyaki Mayo: Grilling pineapple along with your hot dogs gives them a smoky flavor and makes them even sweeter. If you like things spicy, top with fresh or pickled jalape帽os after drizzling with teriyaki mayo. (via The Endless Meal)


9. Southern Comfort Hot Dog With Bacon, Baked Beans and Slaw: There鈥檚 no need to waste valuable real estate on your paper plate when you can just pile everything on your hot dog. Save room for pasta salad and add your baked beans and slaw to your dog鈥 You *won鈥檛* be disappointed. (via A Spicy Perspective)


10. Hoisin Glazed Hot Dogs With Fresh Pineapple Salsa: When you鈥檝e charred your hot dogs beyond repair, a fresh salsa can do wonders to bring them back to life. Sprinkle with feta cheese and a bit of parsley and you鈥檝e completely transformed your damaged goods. (via Port and Fin)

queso dogs

11. Queso Cheese Hot Dogs: Most of us would probably eat a shoe as long as it鈥檚 covered in queso. Thankfully, this time the queso is covering a tasty all-beef hot dog and is topped with classic Mexican garnish. (via Little Kitchen Big World)


12. Seattle Hot Dog: A classic Seattle dog consists of a hot dog (obvi), caramelized onions and cream cheese. Yes, you heard correctly, and it鈥檚 amazing. You can add whatever additional toppings you like, but do not under any circumstances omit the cream cheese. We鈥檙e watching. (via Show Me the Yummy)

Slaw dogs

13. Sriracha Slaw Hot Dogs: One category that regular hot dogs lack in is texture. Add a pile of crunchy and spicy Sriracha slaw and that problem is solved instantly. Just don鈥檛 forget to make extra slaw for next weekend鈥檚 BBQ too. (via Builicious)


14. Thai Style Hot Dogs: This Thai twist on the American classic is a serious adventure for your taste buds. It鈥檚 safe to say you probably haven鈥檛 had a hot dog with green papaya and dried shrimp slaw, but once you try it, you鈥檒l be hooked. (via Hapa Nom Nom)

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