A camera in the shape of a donut? Why, yes. What about one that looks like a juice box? We’ve got that too. And there’s even one that looks like a pair of glasses! Here are 10 of the most unusual digital cameras we’ve ever seen.

1. Biscuit Camera ($35): Why let mediocre ratings get in the way of a cute camera that looks like a cookie? Like many of these, this is definitely on the novelty

2. Eye Glasses Digital Camera ($60): Hide behind these totally goofy glasses and snap away!

3. Classic Mini Digital Camera ($179): How adorable is this little dude? Created by Minox, the same folks who made a sleek silver spy camera for the CIA in the 40s, this teeny replica of the Leica M3 is pretty amazing.

4. Nanoblock Customizable Toy Camera ($60): So. Many. Colors!!! We might have to buy a few just for a little mix and match action.

5. Chocolate Donut Camera ($105): Apparently this is the week of the donut!

6. Sun & Cloud Solar Powered Camera ($199): Prepping for the apocalypse!? Now a camera can be part of your solar-powered tech arsenal.

7. Necono Cat Digital Camera ($150): This cat is seriously creepin’! Plant this little feline anywhere and the motion sensors within will snap pictures. The magnets on his (we’ve decided this cat is a dude) feet make it so he can stick anywhere, and the self-timer mode makes it so you can take a whole bunch of photos in a row. Of course, this cat isn’t always predictable. As the product description says, “But just as a cat who may ignore your calls, this “whim” will make you love it even more and more.”

8. Chocolate Camera ($35): The older, richer cousin of the biscuit, this camera is serious eye candy.

9. Bee 8mm Retro Style Digital Camera ($70): Love the look of this 8mm-style camera! Take action shots like the old days, but with new school tech.

10. Juice Box Camera ($25): And last, the juice box camera! We love this so much we might just have to figure out a way to DIY it up.

What’s the coolest, most creative, or most unusual camera you’ve ever seen? Tell us in the comments below. Happy Snapping!