Remember a few weeks ago when we showed you a sweet concept for video glasses that let you record everything you see? As much as we love the idea and innovation, you might not want to don a pair of surveillance glasses all the time. Maybe you just want to look a little bit geek chic while you take photos every once in a while?

Introducing the Fuuvi Megane Eye Glasses Digital Camera.

We love checking out Japan Trend Shop for the latest playful bits of gadgetry coming out of Japan, and this pair of "glasses" is no exception. Lens-less glasses have been all the rage on Tokyo fashionistas for years, and adding a handy camera is the only natural way forward.

Yes, these are on the novelty side but we love that they can hang from your belt, bag, or as a necklace and just look like a giant piece of plastic flair. Your friends and unsuspecting passersby will be totally surprised and impressed when you lift them up to your eyes to snap a pic! ;)

Not only can you take stills, but you can record up to one hour of video with audio. These probably won't replace your DSLR or even your iPhone camera, but they are a super fun accessory for camera lovers and nerds alike.

They come in red, black, blue, or white and go adorably with just about any outfit you put together. Buy them at Japan Trend Shop for $77 a pop.

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