You know we’re all about interior design hacks. We’ve treasure hunted for all sorts of different ways to use contact paper, create wall art with vinyl and are always looking for modern takes on wallpaper. Well, we’ve got a new design crush. Meet Urban Walls, purveyor of beautiful wall decals made of geometric patterns.

Here are a few of our favorite patterns from their sweet online shop.

1. Gold Polka Dots: Oh gold, how we do love you and everything you gild. The star in this scene is definitely that gold table lamp though!

2. Seeing Stars: Love to stare at the stars? Create a whole motif in your little one’s room with blankets and decals that match.

3. Triangles: Triangles. Triangles. Triangles! Our signature pattern happens to be made up of them so you know we’re all about ’em.

4. Plus Signs: What would Brit + Co. be without the plus sign?

5. Mini Triangles: More triangles, but this time they’re mini! Such a cute idea for a baby’s room.

6. I Heart You: A pop of romance for a backdrop? Say yes.

7. More Triangles: Finally, MORE TRIANGLES. And that’s all she wrote.

Which of these patterns is your favorite? Have you ever used wall decals? Talk to us in the comments below.