It’s no secret that we love nail polish and sparkles. As you can imagine, we have a pretty large supply of sparkly nail polish and can’t help but find ways to use it around Brit HQ on things other than our nails. While we love our paint, glue and glitter, sometimes a little bottle of nail polish is way more convenient for those everyday odds and ends that need a little pop.

Here are a few of our most-used and well-loved objects from around the office that get that extra bit of creative flair from a little brush with nail polish. And we definitely recommend cracking a window or two anytime you use nail polish, on your nails or on your silverware. ;)

We love China Glaze’s bright neon color palette and OPI definitely has the best sparkles.

First up, our paintbrushes of course!

Our makeup brushes.

Some bright neons on our kitchen tools (a la our colorful spring cleaning tools).

A little blue sparkle on our silverware.

On our trusty scissors and Xacto knife.

And of course, our shades!

How do you bring a little more color to your workspace? Tweet photos our way and we’ll share the best ones on our blog.