Valentine’s Day is one of those polarizing holidays — you either love it or you ignore it all together (let’s be honest… we’ve all been there at one point in our lives). But you know what makes everything better? Brunch! The combo of breakfast food, sparkling adult beverages and plenty of delicious pastry treats is something everyone can get behind. That’s why we decided to host a Valentine’s Day “Love Brunch” to celebrate *all* of the loves in our lives. With the help of Half Orange Photography and stylist Lauren Kelp, this turned out to be one Insta-worthy meal we won’t soon forget.


We set our table with an unexpected twist on the holiday’s typical colors. Black, red and a natural linen palette set a casual, European mood that has just the right amount of romance. We added some stripes to mix it up and bring a preppy flair.


Our floral centerpiece was arranged by the oh-so-talented Lauren. If you need an alternative to a garland of (overpriced) florals on the table, try using eucalyptus leaves or bougainvillea and arranging them into a table runner. Pop some roses in there or maybe even a peony or two and you’ve got a unique arrangement for half the price!


Whatever you do, don’t forget to whip up some heart-shaped pancakes. Simply use a cookie cutter to create the shape and add powdered sugar or coconut for a sweet touch.

Happy (love) brunching, all!

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Photography: Half Orange Photography

Dinnerware: West Elm

Florals + Styling: Lauren Kelp