In the past, following a plant-based or vegan diet may have meant your choices were limited at holiday meals, even beyond the turkey: Mashed potatoes are made with buttermilk, there are eggs in rolls and green bean casserole is usually made with bacon — so many Thanksgiving dishes off-limits. As an increasing number of people choose a plant-based or vegan diet for personal or health reasons, there are more and more recipes created for vegan Thanksgiving recipes. Drop that tofurkey and instead make one of these vegan Thanksgiving sides that are so yummy, you won’t feel like you’re missing out.


1. Stuffing-Muffins With Mashed Potatoes and Gravy: The best part of Thanksgiving is mixing all of the foods on your plate together — this just makes the process all the faster. (via The Colorful Kitchen)


2. Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Squash With Dried Cranberries and Dijon Vinaigrette: Crispy, caramelized and slightly bitter Brussels sprouts pair with sweet and creamy butternut squash, tart and sweet dried cranberries and a little hint of spiciness from the Dijon vinaigrette. This dish is epic. (via Blogging Over Thyme)


3. Tamale Stuffing: Give your Thanksgiving table a Mexican spin with this fusion stuffing that’s not only vegan, but gluten free too. (via Thyme and Love)


4. Balsamic Rainbow Roasted Beets: Who needs goat cheese for the ever-present beet salad when you can roast them with a balsamic glaze? (via Back to Her Roots)


5. Blistered Green Beans With Crushed Almonds: If you’re looking for a new version of a classic, this blistering technique is a winner. (via Heart Beet Kitchen)

soup 25

6. Spicy Sweet Potato Soup With Coconut Cream & Sriracha: Swap out the usual pumpkin soup for another seasonal flavor: sweet potato. (via Sew French)


7. Vegan Brûléed Sweet Potatoes: With a term like “brûléed” you should pretty much already be sold on this dish. (via Connoisserurus Veg)


8. Creamy Tahini Roasted Veggies: Veggies take the main stage with this colorful, flavorful recipe. Be sure to make extra, because everyone will want seconds. (via To Her Core)


9. Ginger Miso Acorn Squash With Toasted Pistachios: This Thanksgiving side that stands on its own — it definitely won’t be forgotten among all the traditional staples. (via Snixy Kitchen)


10. Roasted Smokey Lemon Brussels Sprouts: This side dish recipe is super simple, but it brings unexpected punch to an otherwise bland cruciferous veggie. (via Natural Comfort Kitchen)


11. Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup: The mild flavor of the pumpkin gets perked up with curry powder and fresh ground nutmeg in this warm and comforting side. (via Pralines and Greens)


12. Sweet Pumpkin Buns: These are pretty enough to be centerpieces. Smear with vegan butter + maple syrup or cashew cream cheese. (via Lands & Flavors)


13. Red Curry Mashed Potatoes: This dish uses coconut milk instead of buttermilk, and can be made ahead the day before to help free up a little time to prepare your other Thanksgiving dishes. (via Cooking Curries)


14. Roasted Spiced Carrots: Make these as a side dish for your Thanksgiving dinner and everyone will forget that mashed potatoes are even a thing. (via Cooking With B.S.)

mashed potatoes

15. Protein Packed Vegan Mashed Potatoes and Gravy: There’s sneaky hidden cauliflower and silken tofu in this recipe, but you won’t taste anything other than garlicky, cheesy vegan mashed potatoes. (via Eat Within Your Means)

Spicy Chard with Sunflower Seeds1

16. Spicy Greens With Sunflower Seeds: This dish is non-traditional but definitely stands out. Double your batch of spicy sunflower seeds for snacking before dinner. (via Cook’s Hideout)


17. Cornbread and Quinoa Stuffing: Quinoa adds protein to this traditionally carb-heavy dish that’ll satisfy you even without the Thanksgiving turkey. (via Dora Daily)


18. Cumin Roasted Cauliflower With Black Lentils: Thinking of a healthy Thanksgiving dinner side dish that isn’t a potato? This cumin roasted cauliflower with black lentils is just what you need! (via The Awesome Green)


19. Roasted Cinnamon Little Potatoes and Pumpkin: These roasted baby potatoes are not your average spud. They’re crispy, sweet and perfectly seasoned, so you’ll probably want to make extra. (via Noshing With the Nolands)

Are you serving any vegan dishes at your Thanksgiving meal this year? Let us know what they are in the comments.