Fall is decidedly all about feasts. From harvesting vegetables to prepping for Thanksgiving, food is definitely top of mind this time of year. But you can’t forget about a festive tablescape! And what better way to celebrate food than with… food?! Here’s an easy to way turn fruits and vegetables into a gorgeous centerpiece.

 – produce (turnips, squash, pomegranates, etc)

– corer (available on Amazon)

– sharp knife

– flowers

– candles

Wash and dry your veggies.

For some veggies, you may have to cut off a small piece at the bottom to make them stand upright. We’ll start with acorn squash. Cut off the bottom just a bit. Then cut off the top and get ready to core. We used a standard vegetable corer. Pumpkin carving tools would also work.

Core and dig out the middle a bit. Done!

Repeat with the rest of your produce. We used a turnip, a head of red leaf lettuce, another squash, and a pomegranate. (Pro tip: Do the pomegranate last – that pom juice gets everywhere!)

Now that you’ve got all your candle holders and vases, it’s time to fill ’em up. We used some leftover flowers from a bouquet, wildflowers from the yard, and basic candles. Use a tray or cutting board to keep everything together.

Assemble everything together and light your candles!

Done. Perfect for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any fall feast.

What are your favorite ways to decorate your table for Thanksgiving and other holidays? Leave us ideas in the comments below!