You know those moments when you鈥檙e shopping online and, about half an hour later, you can barely read any of the tabs that are open on your web browser? And then you try to remember how your tech-savvy friend flipped through tabs with that one shortcut鈥 aaand nothing comes to mind. What do you do? Open an entirely new page to fill with more tabs or delete the less important tabs? Well, before you choose either of those options, check out Vivaldi.


Vivaldi was specifically made for tab lovers. The struggle is real when you鈥檙e trying to fit all your pages into Chrome, but with Vivaldi, you can arrange your tabs in groups. Instead of lining them up across the top, you can stack your tabs on top of each other and organize them into groups. Fave online store is having a sale? Have a group of pants tabs, top tabs and accessories tabs with room to spare for shoe tabs.


Vivaldi was created to improve user efficiency. The聽developers really wanted to create a browser that would provide the tools for ultimate productivity, so they integrated a few features that no other browser has. There is a built-in notes tab where you can jot down a few things here and there in-browser. Any screenshots you take will also appear in the notes tab for easy view and access. Other efficiency features that Vivaldi is working on are integrating a mail system and spatial navigation, which will allow the user to browse the Internet with just the keyboard.


To increase user efficiency even more, quick command shortcuts are all customizable. That way, you won鈥檛 have to struggle to remember what keys you had to click in order to navigate through one group of tabs versus another.

Although Vivaldi鈥檚 target audience is advanced users, it鈥檚 fairly easy to use. The browser has only released its technical preview and is in its early stages, but we can鈥檛 wait to see the further development Vivaldi has in store. Download Vivaldi for free here.

What tab groups can you imagine having? Do you use in-browser shortcuts often? Let us know in the comments!