Perhaps the best thing we’ve seen on the Internet in the past few years has been the rise of animated gifs. They improve every interaction exponentially: emails, comment threads, boring work PowerPoints… you name it. They’re the best form of pictorial communication. They are, dare we say, better than emoji?!?!?!?!

We know, Ryan. We know. So you can bet that when we heard of the Chrome extension animatedTabs, we installed it so fast it’d make your head spin. It’s a simple concept: Every time you create a new tab in your browser, the page fills with a random animated gif. It’s the best! See for yourself:

People tripping out at the park.

If this pops up when we open a tab, beware of oos and ahhs emitting from our cubicle, cubicle nabes.

Just keep stumbling along…

Obviously all the REALLY good ones are two small for us to show you here, like “creepy black bear walking on two legs,” so we suggest adding the extension stat, kissing your productivity goodbye and saying hello to some deep belly laughs.

So, how many seconds did you hold out before downloading this extension too? Let us know in the comments!