We live in an era where shopping is no longer just about the look of the item 鈥 it鈥檚 also about quality, sustainability and full transparency of where it鈥檚 coming from. And if there鈥檚 one industry that sorely needs this, it鈥檚 the high-cost wedding industry, which can be a huge money-suck, especially when it comes to engagement rings. Since 2014, LA-based jewelry brand Vrai & Oro has been making fine jewelry with these values in mind, and they recently launched a wedding collection that stays true to the meaning behind their brand name, which translates to Truth and Gold.


The VOW collection has the same streamlined, minimal aesthetic of the rest of their jewelry, and while we love a unique engagement ring, sometimes a classic can make just as much of an impact. The collection features engagement rings, wedding bands and promise rings with itty bitty diamonds. With their complete transparency policy, you can find out where their materials come from and how the pieces are made. The diamonds are sustainably grown in Silicon Valley and the gold is solid with no fillers, plating, vermeil or other fluffed up words that hide the real value. Each ring is then hand-crafted from scratch in their LA factory.


While shopping online for an engagement may make you apprehensive, Vrai & Oro has made the process easy and lets you build your perfect ring. Start with a setting you like, and then choose the size of the diamond you want. All rings come in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold, and the diamonds are certified by the Diamond Foundry per GIA standards.


Another cool feature of Vrai & Oro鈥檚 website is the home try-on option. If you can鈥檛 decide on a design without trying it on, Vrai & Oro allows you to choose three designs, which they will then send you plated brass and Cubic Zirconia mock versions of for you to try and preview.


Return the mock rings within seven days for free, and if you still aren鈥檛 sold, no worries, because there鈥檚 no obligation to buy a ring even after that.

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