One thing’s for sure: We love all things wacky. We already shared some hilarious smartphone cases with you guys, so naturally, we just had to move on to tablets. Did you ever believe you could have an iPad stored inside a hamburger?! Yeah, we didn’t either. From floating donuts to a cow stuck on the moon, enjoy these 17 creative and humorously bizarre printed cases for your iPad.

1. Bananas and Polka Dots ($50): Whether you love bananas or the yellow fruit is your worst enemy, you’ve got to admit: This is the cutest. Unleash your inner monkey and check out this iPad case emblazoned with floating bananas and polka dots.

2. Road Trip Tape ($50): With all the ’90s love around here, we just had to share this with you. Cassette tapes and road trips basically define what summer was a couple of decades ago and should definitely be what you store your iPad in. Take this case around the country with you this year for the best road trip ever.

3. Donuts ($50): It’s scientifically proven that everyone loves donuts. Donuts with frosting and sprinkles? Oh, sign us up.

4. Whisk iPad Case ($60): Kind of ridiculous, completely hilarious — we’ll never look at a whisk the same way again.

5. Popcorn Sleeve ($51): Who wouldn’t want an iPad case this snazzy? This case is the perfect excuse to make popcorn every time you watch a movie on your iPad… or just every time you use it.

6. Big Dill ($60): Food puns are the best. There’s no doubt about it. The amazingness of this case is kind of a big dill too.

7. Mac + Cheese ($60): YES! You know that we love all things tech and food, and now we’ve got that combination for ya right on an iPad case. This is the best type of mac and cheese to ever exist, and it can be yours. It’s just so punny.

8. Burger Sleeve ($51): Calling all burger lovers! You may get hungry every time you look at your iPad case, but hey, that just motivates you to make one of these world cuisine-inspired burger recipes.

9. Ice Cream Coneover ($60): A coneover? We can’t, we just can’t.

10. Minimoog ($54): The Minimoog is back! This case is awesome, plus it’ll make you even cooler when you have to explain what it is to all of those silly youngsters nowadays.

11. Nursery Rhyme Failure ($60): Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow… got stuck on the moon? Quick, someone call a firefighter!

12. Sesame Street Alphabet ($60): This has to be one of the best ways to teach your little one the alphabet. I mean, everyone would want to learn things if they were TV show-themed. Now if only someone could relate quantum physics to Game of Thrones

13. Cassette Sleeve ($51): Remember when you had a mixtape that defined your summer? Good times.

14. Let’s All Go and Have Breakfast ($60): Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and also the funniest, apparently.

15. Ray Case ($50): This lightning-bolt-embellished case is so vibrant. It must have taken a stroke of genius to come up with the design.

16. P is for Pixar ($60): We’re movin’ up the age group ladder a little bit with this Pixar-inspired alphabet. Your kids’ll love it as much as you do.

17. Analogic iPad Sleeve ($51): You can probably think of tons of your friends who never stop taking pictures with their iPad. Buy this for them.

Which wacky case is your fave? What would you like to see on an iPad case? Tell us about it in the comments below!