We use our iPads for reading recipes, watching cooking vids and photographing food, so you better believe we keep them close at hand in the kitchen. There are tons of accessories out there, and there’s a reason for that: Things get a little crazy when you really start cooking. Lucky for you, we’ve sifted through iPad stands to find sturdy, easy-to-clean products to support your tablet while you slice and dice away.

1. Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools for iPad Sets ($200): This three-piece set includes a kitchen stand to hold your iPad in place, a screen shield to protect it from splatters and a Bluetooth speaker for blasting your culinary-inspiration playlist. The pieces are sold separately or as a set, and the stand fits right into the speaker.

2. Joseph Joseph CookBook ($30): As much as we love online recipes, we’ve still got a few vintage cookbooks on our shelves. The CookBook stand will accommodate just about any format your recipes come in, whether you’re reading from a tablet, phone, your mom’s recipe cards or Mastering the Art of French Cooking. When you’re done, it folds flat to fit on your bookshelf.

3. iSkelter Chisel iPad Dock ($70): While many stands will fit a variety of tablets, this stylish dock is for your iPad only, and it is crafted to fit like a glove. It works in portrait or landscape mode, and there’s even a little notch for the power cord.

4. Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Tablet Mount ($36): This stand mounts to the underside of a cabinet, so it’s closer to eye level and elevated above your counter.

5. Universal Expert Wooden Cookbook Stand ($30): It’s great to be able to read food blogs from all over the world, but what if they don’t measure ingredients the same way you do? Reference the conversion chart on the back of this stand and skip looking it up online.

6. iPad Cutting Board ($75): Keep things simple with a large cutting board that has a built-in spot for your iPad. Even though there’s a groove near the edges to catch liquid, we’d still recommend a serious screen protector.

7. Peg and Awl iPad Easel ($42): This reclaimed wood stand mounts on your wall, saving your tablet from kitchen mishaps and saving space in your prep area.

8. DIY iPad Mount: You can make your own wall-mounted iPad stand with Velcro and a Koala mount. (via Brit + Co.)

9. Prep Step ($30): Still under development, the Prep Step is slated to include a screen guard, bamboo surface and stainless-steel dock. There’s also a drawer in the back, which we’re thinking you could use for your favorite kitchen utensil, knives you don’t want anyone else dulling, family recipes or maybe a secret snack stash.

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10. iLatch for iPad ($50): Hang your iPad from your kitchen cabinet door handles, and then just unhook when you’re ready to hang it somewhere else.

11. Kitchen Tablet Stand ($50): Since kitchens are prone to spills (butterfingers, anyone?), non-slip stands like this one are especially important. It’s also weighted for extra stability and has a stylus that stands on its own.

12. Belkin Fridge Mount for iPad ($35): You can basically hang your iPad right on the refrigerator with this magnetic mount. As a kid, your best work went on the fridge. Now, your best Instagrams can go there too, even if you don’t print them out.

13. iPad Cutting Board and Stand ($80): Dock your iPad and a removable cutting board in one well-designed spot. It’s made in the U.S. and comes with three disposable iPad sleeves.

14. Cooler Master JAS Mini Aluminum Stand for iPad Mini and iPhone ($30): Are you looking for a more compact place to prop up your iPad mini or iPhone? This travel-friendly solution is made from lightweight aluminum and can be adjusted to keep your screen at just the right height.

15. Fridgepad ($49): Clip your iPad securely to the Fridepad, and then just stick it on the refrigerator!

16. Lipper Tablet/iPad Stand, 1887 ($30): This wooden stand is adjustable and comes in bamboo or mahogany.

17. Belkin Kitchen Stand and Wand/Stylus for Tablets ($24): A shiny, minimalist product to keep your iPad off the counter and a stylus to keep your sticky fingers off your screen.

18. Cuisine Tablet Recipe Holder ($35): This vintage cutting-board-inspired wood stand adds a rustic touch to balance out your tech.

?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"? 19. DIY Kitchen Tablet Holder: Prefer to DIY? Here’s a version you can make using an upcycled cutting board and an old Scrabble tile holder. (via Mamie Jane’s)

How do you use your iPad in the kitchen? Tell us in the comments!