Hurray for you! You landed that work-at-home gig you’ve always dreamed of. But now, suddenly your apartment is seeming smaller than ever, as you attempt to carve out a little space to do your work. Rest assured, you are not the first small-space dweller to grapple with the home workspace challenge. There are many creative solutions for tucking a home office into a small apartment, like these 22 wall-mounted desks that you can buy or DIY. Or these additional 15 creative home office solutions.

Sure, you could work from your sofa, but only if you intend to stand up and walk about every 20 minutes or so. Working on the couch with a laptop on your knees for any length of time is going to result in neck and back issues. And if you do more than just type for your work — for example, if you use the scroll pad to mouse over things or download files a lot — you could end up with wrist pain or even carpel tunnel syndrome.

Consider also that working from your sofa or even from your dining table isn’t going to give you a place to store work items, such as computer cords and accessories, pens, notebooks, calculators, books, magazines and, yes, the all important coffee cup.

Designing a desk for a small space does not have to take up a lot of space and it does not have to be expensive. On my blog Renov8or I show how I hacked an old IKEA Besta entertainment console into a floating desk. All I needed to purchase were two hairpin legs and, voila!, a floating desk.

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