Ever since we moved into our dream office space, we’ve run into one major problem…literally. Almost every room is divided by sliding glass doors (watch out!) and obviously, we needed some sort of stylish red flag to eliminate potentially embarrassing encounters. So we turned to our trusty friend washi tape to decorate our doors so they pop. Not only is it saving our faces, but it’s kind of the easiest upgrade ever!

We went with geometric designs to match the vibe of our modern warehouse space. Once we had our patterns in mind, we taped directly onto the doors. It’s that simple! Plus washi tape will stick to nearly any surface (remember our washi tape wall frames?), so your doors don’t have to be made of glass to get this cool effect. Just grab your tape and go!

variety of washi tape (1 to 2 rolls per door)


– scissors


1. Tape washi tape to your door in the pattern of your choosing. Use scissors to snip edges if necessary or simply rip with your hands.

All you do is unroll the washi tape and trim or rip where you please to create your design! Washi tape comes in a ton of colors and patterns, so it’s easy to find the perfect tape to match your mood. We used a highlighter yellow and a neon circuit board pattern, which of course represents our love of all things tech.

The super cool thing about doing this DIY on glass is that the tape is visible on both the front and back of the doors. So once we dolled up the front, we used our solid color tape on the reverse side to connect our pattern. Now it looks fluid from every viewpoint.

Isn’t the end result fabulous? The tape has made these plain glass doors so much more inviting. We used exactly one roll of yellow washi and maybe a third of the accent tape for this design. Then we moved on to glam up our conference room doors.

This kaleidoscope-inspired diamond design is just divine! We went with a modern color scheme of silver, teal, and hot pink. This stunning pattern will definitely make meetings a bit more exciting. ;)

We had a lot of fun playing with intersecting straight lines, creating sort of a modern plaid. How cool is this design when the doors are closed? It’s made us think of a new slogan for washi tape, “saving office klutzes one roll at a time!”

What do you think of our washi tape door designs? Would you use this technique to dress up your dorm door or in your home? Tell us in the comments below!