When we think summer, a few things come to mind — but nothing as delicious as a juicy slice of watermelon. Inspired by this colorful fruit, we created a DIY watermelon doormat to help you welcome summer and all your July 4th guests. This doormat is so a-door-able, you might not want to step on it :) Check out the tutorial below!



– doormat (we got ours at IKEA for $10)

– red spray paint

– green spray paint

– black spray paint

– large cardboard sheets (break apart an old box)


– box cutter

– measuring tape

– scissors

– Sharpie

– string

– weights to hold down the cardboard



  1. On the back of your doormat, measure and mark the halfway point of the width.
  2. Tie a piece of string, half the width of the doormat, to your Sharpie. Hold the end of the string at the halfway mark and, while keeping it taut, draw a half circle. Cut out the half circle with your box cutter. It’s okay if it’s not perfect — the material is forgiving.
  3. Again on the back of the doormat, draw a bite mark in the top left corner. Cut it out.
  4. Cut out a half circle from a sheet of cardboard that is 2 inches smaller than your doormat. Place it on the mat and weigh it down (we used old florist frogs). Spray paint the exposed portion green. Let it dry.
  5. Using the remaining piece of cardboard, mask the green rind of the doormat. Spray paint the exposed portion red. Let it dry.
  6. Cut out a seed shape from a small piece of cardboard. Spray paint seeds on the doormat. Let them dry.

Measure and mark the halfway point of your doormat.


Next, we’ll improvise a compass with a piece of string and marker. Cut the piece of string so that it’s half the length of your doormat. Tie one end to your Sharpie. Hold the other end at the halfway mark. While keeping it taut, draw an arc, or half circle. Cut out the half circle with your box cutter.


Once you’ve cut out the wedge of your watermelon, trace and cut a bite mark in the top left corner.


Break down an old cardboard box and trace a half circle that is two inches smaller than your wedge. Be sure to keep the other half of the cardboard for the next step. Place and weigh down the cardboard. Spray paint the rind green, and allow it to dry.


Place and weigh the other cardboard piece on top of your doormat. Spray paint the red section and allow it to dry.


This watermelon is really coming together! Cut out the shape of a seed from a small piece of cardboard. Spray paint several seeds on your wedge, and allow them to dry.


That’s all there is to it! Could this be any cuter? Now it’s time for a watermelon drink!


What other DIY crafts do you have planned for this summer? Share your ideas in the comments!