ICYMI, reality TV alum Lo Bosworth is a vag-care mogul now. The voice of reason and BFF of Lauren Conrad on MTV’s popular early-2000s reality series Laguna Beach and The Hills, Lo is now trying to make her name known in the women’s health space. Her blog The LoDown launched in 2015, and this fall, Bosworth took an even more daring route with the debut of Love Wellness Co., a line of super chic packaged supplements specifically made for your down-there area. Obviously, we had to know why she decided to specialize in this still (surprisingly) taboo area of personal care, and luckily she talked to us for a bit.

“A lot of people are surprised by this venture in terms of the category,” Bosworth told us. “That surprise speaks to the need for more women to feel comfortable talking about their bodies and their health. I’m hopeful that by going down this road I can spark a conversation that’s much needed.” Like so many of us, Bosworth has had her fair share of irritations and infections (you know you’ve been there), and was not satisfied with the treatment she received from doctors or the drugs that were available over the counter.


“Love Wellness is for women who deal with common issues like infections and irritations and haven’t had much luck with traditional methods,” she says. “It’s also for women who are interested in learning more about what they can do to support their overall health and for individuals who would like to make the switch to natural products from big name, drugstore brands!”

It also helps that the products look exactly like your nicest facial serums and scrubs (they aren’t labeled with a scarlet V!) so they won’t throw off your lovely bathroom aesthetic with their fun shades of blue, orange and pink. In addition to boric-acid suppositories designed to treat yeast infections, Love Wellness also provides wipes, cleansers and moisturizers designed to balance pH levels, and they’ll be selling probiotic pills, vitamins and something called “Blue Tea.” Prices range from $8 for the pH-balancing “Do It All” wipes, to $28 for the “Good Girl Probiotics” pills. Plus, they come in a cute little “Pia Pussy Cat Beauty Bag” ($49), the brand’s adorable symbol, which Bosworth notes was a great icebreaker for starting the conversation of vaginal health. Bosworth’s personal favorite is the Do It All Wipes. “They’re pH balanced, made from 100 percent cotton, and have coconut oil in them to soothe the skin. They’re perfect for your purse and travel.”


Hopefully, a product line like this can help make women more comfortable talking about their lady business, and Bosworth is glad to be a conversational ambassador. According to a recent study conducted by Ovarian Cancer Trust, 66 percent of 18-24 year-olds are so afraid of saying the word “vagina” to their doctor that they avoid going to appointments at all and then simply rely on the internet rabbit hole for answers to their questions.

“It will take time, but ambassadors like Lena Dunham and others are talking about women’s health,” said Bosworth. And for the time being, there is Pia Pussy and Bosworth — who says she is absolutely fine with the fact that she has become the vagina guru for her friends, who come to her with all their questions. Every squad needs one!

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(Photo via Brent N. Clarke/Getty)