You’ve spent the better part of a year (or so) planning out the big day, and it’s finally almost here! Your wedding reception menu is set, the wedding cake design is picked out and all the little details are starting to fall into place. You’ve earned a drink, that’s for sure, so let’s turn the focus to that signature cocktail. An easy way to add a personal touch to your wedding bar menu is to choose a drink that reflects your personalities. And because we know that not all couples are the same, we’ve rounded up signature drinks that will leave you thinking it’s a match made in cocktail heaven. Use these drinks as inspiration for a the most personalized and unique cocktail hour ever. Cheers!

Signature Cocktails for Hipster Couples


1. Classic Gimlet: Many classic cocktails are beautifully simple, and the Gimlet is no exception. For the most authentic experience, try a 50-50 ratio of Rose’s lime juice and gin. For a more modern twist, just add a little soda. (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)


2. Orange-Vanilla Bean Scotch Smash: The orange-vanilla combo plays perfectly together with Scotch’s smokey woodiness to create this delicious drink. Use a mellow blended Scotch without much peat for a smooth result. You want just the right amount of sweetness for you and your guests! (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)


3. Local Craft Beer: There are so many different kinds of beers, whether you’re in the mood for a light wheat beer, a hoppy IPA or a dark ale. There’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find the perfect beer that speaks to your personality as a couple. Take it one step further with the decor, and DIY a centerpiece with the bottles you “sampled” while finalizing that seating chart. (via Style Me Pretty)


4. Ginger Mojitos: Picture this: crushed fresh berries, ginger, herbs and all that is citrusy and sweet mixed with liquor and ice. This is the perfect drink to spice up your summer nuptials. Garnish with mint or a sprig of thyme for that extra je ne sais quoi. (via The Knot)

Signature Cocktails for Couples Who Brunch

Photograph by St. Louis Photographer Jonathan Gayman.

5. Bloody Mary: For those planning a morning wedding, nothing says “brunch” quite like a Bloody Mary. With an array of veggies, pickled goodies and a hot kick, it’ll definitely get your guests up and dancing. Want more of a just-for-you touch? Pair different types of flavored salt rims with the garnish of your choosing. (via Jonathan Gayman)


6. Lemonade Mimosa With Blood Orange: Champagne doesn’t have to be limited to toasts. Mix it with blood orange and a splash of grapefruit juice to make those mimosas think pink. (via Sugar and Charm)


7. Rosemary Greyhound: If you’re more of a serene morning brunch couple, try this herbal take on the classic greyhound. For fall weddings, add a sprig of rosemary and a sprinkle of cinnamon to feel extra festive. (via Tastes Lovely)


8. Strawberry Daiquiris: For hot, summer nuptials, think about using seasonal fruit like strawberries in your cocktails. This sweet drink calls for a strawberry-champagne combo — something that’s totally worth toasting your new married status. (via Style Me Pretty)

Signature Cocktails for Foodie Couples


9. Green Tea and Peach Julep: Give this classic Derby Day cocktail a twist by adding green tea and peach. With so many added antioxidants, sipping on this healthy drink will make you two feel energized all day long. (via Hello Glow)


10. Brown Butter Old Fashioned: Sometimes a signature drink is all about the garnishes, like with this Old Fashioned that uses brown butter bourbon and black walnut bitters. It smells incredible, tastes just as good and is perfect for a fall or winter wedding. (via Kitchen Konfidence)


11. Blackberry Basil Kombucha Shrub Cocktail: Jump on the Kombucha trend by adding it to your signature wedding cocktail. If you’re not into blackberries, replace it with any other muddled seasonal berry of your choice. (via Cafe Johnsonia)

Signature Cocktails for the Beer-Loving Couple


12. Stout Gingerbread Flip: Calling all winter brides: Beer cocktails are an amazing way to add a new dimension to your special day. Case in point? This creamy, gingerbread-esque cocktail. It’ll make for a terrific after-dinner drink to cheers your new marriage. (via 10th Kitchen)


13. Spicy Micheladas: Take your Bloody Mary game to a whole new level with a glass of this spicy Mexican lager and lime beverage. It’s perfect for sipping during a tropical sandy beach wedding with your toes in the sand and the wind blowing in your hair. (via Freutcake)


14. Strawberry Beer Cocktail: This is one of those two-in-one cocktails you two will be dreaming about all the way to your honeymoon. You’ll even convert your non-beer fan guests with this tasty, sweet strawberry beertail. (via The Flair Exchange)


15. Lime Shandy: The classic beer shandy gets an upgrade with a splash of DIY limeade concentrate for a full-flavored sip that will totally *wow* your guests. It’s the perfect way to kick off a summer wedding. (via Katie at the Kitchen Door)

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