Most of the time when a bride’s wedding day rolls around there are a million things to do before the big event. Making sure that someone is there to capture all those important moments is usually crucial. But Liisa Luts from Tallinn, Estonia decided to document her wedding day a little bit differently.


She and her now husband, Henno (who run a small company specializing in video, photography and animation together) wanted a super small wedding without all the stress that tends to accompanies this kind of event. “Everything about our day was very laid-back and comfortable,” Liisa told BuzzFeed. “We didn’t feel the need for the professional wedding photography. We just wanted to make it legal, celebrate a bit and to go with the flow.”


So instead, Liisa opted to carry her Fujifilm X-T10 around with her throughout the day to capture their wedding through her perspective. The photos start with a shot of her phone that marks the very beginning of her day.


As the day progressed she snapped pictures of things like her husband sleeping, her morning run, her breakfast, the getting ready process, the ceremony and of course, the party afterward.


Having a photographer around to take photos for you can obviously be a major help if your wedding is a little more traditional than Liisa’s, but there is undeniably something super authentic and personal about seeing things from her point of view. If you’re a future bride who has a photographer coming to document the day but you also want to copy Liisa’s idea, we vote you grab a disposable camera (yes, they still make those) that you can quickly pull out and use throughout the day if there is a really special moment you want to capture.


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(Photos via Liisa Luts and fotohennoliisa)