2014 brought a lot of wedding inspo, from gorgeous gowns to stunning photography. We thought we’d seen all the wedding shots to be seen until we laid our eyes on the first-place winners of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers. There are 80 champs total, and we selected some of our faves. Scroll through and you may be saying “I do!” with one of these photographers at your ceremony.

1. Sunset Pose: You know what photographers say: “Always use the best lighting.” (Photo via Apresh Chavda Photography)

2. Operatic Love: Our love for this Sydney Opera House shot is definitely not in black and white. (Photo via Derrick Ong Photography)

3. Island in the Stream: Live near a golf club? Your photographer could totally recreate this shot. (Photo via Chris Huang, We-Sweet Photography)

4. Happy Tears: This intimate shot has us welling up. (Photo via Tina Wright, Sierra Blanco Photography)

5. Henna Hands: You know what’s better than the ring grabbing everyone’s attention? Your entire henna-ed hand. (Photo via Ivo Popov Photography)

6. A Violet Vision: A serene moment in the garden should be required for every bride before walking down the aisle. (Photo via Tatyana Chaiko)

7. Flying Florals: All eyes on the bride in the center of the ring, just like a bouquet toss. (Photo via Alexander Pavluchenko)

8. Diving Dame: Have a gorgeous backdrop near your I dos? Use it to your advantage, people. (Photo via Yana Zharintsova)

9. Forest Celebration: Even if you’re not a woodnymph, taking your nuptials to the forest is a brilliant idea, as it produces jaw dropping visuals. (Photo via Szymon Nykiel, Lmfoto.pl)

10. Rice Toss: We hope that’s rice, otherwise that would hurt. (Photo via Nacho Mora, Look Fotografia)

11. Stained Glass Affection: A colorful, private moment for the newlyweds. (Photo via Ruslan Myts)

12. Loving Speech: Forget the staged shots and go candid, as these beautiful, emotional images show. (Photo via Tito Rikardo, TheUpperMost Photography)

13. Stunning Setting: If you’ve got a one-of-a-kind decorated reception, why not showcase it in all its glory? (Photo via Tito Rikardo, TheUpperMost Photography)

14. Catch Me If You Can: Grab ahold any way you can, right? (Photo via Raymond Phang Photography)

15. Squeeze Girl: Getting ready shots are often the best part — why not have a little fun with them like these ladies did? (Photo via Tito Rikardo, TheUpperMost Photography)

Check out all 80 winners here.

Do any of these wedding shots inspire you for your big day? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t BuzzFeed)