Even though you鈥檒l probably spend most of your wedding on your feet, it鈥檚 definitely worth it to go all out on the chairs for your sweetheart tables. On the fence about incorporating the wedding trend into your reception? Think about it this way: You鈥檒l have a designated space to take a breather, chow down and, of course, snap a few adorable pics. If you鈥檙e drawing a blank on how to create this special space 鈥 and make it totally unique 鈥 here are 12 completely lovely ideas for the bride and groom.


1. Ornate Chairs: A little goes a long way. Neutral cushions and a pop of greenery make these ornate chairs a total slam dunk. (via O鈥橫alley Photography / Style Me Pretty)


2. A Love Seat: Cozy up with your S.O. in this mini couch that鈥檚 perfect for an outdoor garden-themed party. We love the edgy vibe of the stud details. (via Jodi and Kurt Photography / Style Me Pretty)


3. Super Glamorous: We鈥檙e digging the slightly more unusual 鈥渕ine鈥 and 鈥測ours鈥 versus the standard 鈥渂ride鈥 and 鈥済room.鈥 (via Lane Dittoe / Style Me Pretty)


4. Simple Garland: Who doesn鈥檛 want want to feel like royalty? This simple green garland reminds us of a crown, which is totally fitting 鈥 you and your groom are the queen and king of your wedding day. (via Love Is My Favorite Color / Style Me Pretty)


5. Heart-Shaped Garland: This couple took a giant garland and tied it to their chairs in the shape of a heart. The look is soft and romantic, especially with the bride鈥檚 veil draping over the greenery. (via Michael and Carina Photographers / Style Me Pretty)


6. Italian Vibes: When the English language just doesn鈥檛 do it for you, opt for Italian. (via NarWall / Swooned)


7. Streamer Chairs: This look screams whimsical wedding tea party. We especially love that it鈥檚 a fabulous, affordable DIY project to up your table鈥檚 cool factor. (via Ryan Ray / Wedding Chicks)


8. Tulle Chairs: The colors are understated, but that鈥檚 what makes this look so incredibly pretty. The sturdy-looking wood chairs really balance out the softness of the tulle. (via Rachel Whyte / Wedding Chicks)


9. Spanish Fiesta: Add a little Latin flair to your reception, and translate your brand-new titles into Spanish. (via Maureen Pacheco Photography / Ruffled)


10. Country Chic: This setup is a triple threat 鈥 the country chic chairs, the greenery and the calligraphy. It鈥檚 the perfect blend of personal style and what鈥檚 trending. (via Deer Pearl Flowers / Tulle and Chantilly)

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