Grocery shopping can be a tedious errand or a fun-fueled foodie outing depending on how you see it, but either way, getting the best out of your grocery-getting experience is something everyone is in the market for. Whether your grocery store choice is motivated by the food selection, location, their prices or how you can eat healthy on a budget there, we now know which grocery store is number one in the opinion of US shoppers. The winner? (Drum roll, please!) Wegmans!

Market Force Information’s annual Retail Grocery Study

Publix came in second with a close 75 percent, while the former champ Trader Joe’s kept 73 percent of surveyed customers’ confidence. Other stores, such as Hy-Vee Food, ALDI and Costco all came in with 68, 65 and 60 percent respectively.

One store on the list didn’t fare well at all, with Walmart taking the bottom spot at only 29 percent. Ouch.

So what does all of this say about our new fave store, Wegmans? “It suggests that Wegmans has grown in popularity and continues to attract a loyal following,” said Rebecca Scanlan, a spokeswoman for Market Force. They’re obviously doing something (or, rather, quite a few things) right.

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(h/t Buffalo News, photo Getty, Market Force)