Your welcome mat says a lot about you. It tells people who you are, what you’re about, and what madness they can expect in your home. Ok, maybe they’re not quite as all-encompassing as that, but they’re a great way to welcome folks to your house with a little bit of humor and wit.

Here are 20 silly doormats for geeks, hipsters, and word nerds.

1. Hi. I’m Mat. ($25): Hi. I’m Mat. Doesn’t get more straightforward than that.

2. Cassette Tape ($45): We love this old school tech throwback, especially in the form of a coffee table.

3. Hair / Makeup / Smile ($19): Love this playful reminder to start the day with your best face forward.

4. Slide to Unlock ($50): Apple Fanboys will love this one. Add your own LED twist if you want to get really fancy.

5. Not You Again ($25): Currently sold out all across the Internet, turns out people love being jerk to their friends… or door-to-door solicitors.

6. The Neighbors ($50): We fear this one might end up working some reverse psychology on any burglars that come by.

7. Holla ($50): You say goodbye, and I say… HOLLA!

8. Attack Cat ($19): I can haz doormatz?

9. Nice Underwear ($24): Turns out your doormat is a total creeper.

10. Hakuna Matata ($45): Channel your inner Pumba with this playful mat.

11. Draw to Unlock (contact to order): Not an iPhone user? We love this nerdy unlock-inspired doormat.

12. Come In and Go Away ($37): This doormat is crazy! Turn it one way to say Come In, and turn it the other way to say Go Away. Amazing!

13. Mustache Door Mat ($16): Attention all neighbors: A hipster lives here.

14. Honey Badger ($50): He really doesn’t.

15. Ring Doorbell and Run ($18): Feeling snarky?

16. Enter Key ($28): What! We love this one SO much.

17. Welcome Keyboard ($32): We love the idea of this, but wish they had left the keyboard in its regular configuration and simply highlighted the letters that spell Welcome.

18. There’s No Place Like ($60): Nerdtastic! If only you could customize it with your actual IP.

19. You Were Never Here ($28): For all those top secret meetings… shhhh.

20. Finish Line (currently unavailable): And lastly, the finish line! So cute.

Bonus! Choose One (DIY): Of course, it wouldn’t be Brit + Co. without a little DIY action. Brit made this darling mat with a laser cutter but you could also try creating it with stencils and spray paint. Get the how-to here.

What’s the funniest welcome mat you’ve ever seen? Tell us about it in the comments below.