You can go ahead and skip those expensive, custom-made save the dates. It looks like couples are ditching the paper and stamps and instead asking friends and family to mark their calendars via video. We saw an epic, save-the-date adventure video a few weeks back, and our Creative Director Anj even used the idea for her wedding two years ago. And as we all know, whenever there’s a good idea, there are a million different versions to follow. Case in point: this Wes Anderson-inspired save-the-date.

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 4.41.19 PM (2)

This rendition of the video save-the-date was created by the New York duo Jon and Jess. The couple met through a volunteer program at a small nonprofit, starting out as friends who met up for pizza and hung out at bookstores until one night she invited him for a weekend getaway to Rhode Island. We know all this because Jon has beautifully illustrated their story on their wedding website – which is titled “Hell Yes Jon and Jess,” BTW.

The video opens with side-by-side shots of each of them enjoying all their favorite things. She listens to Taylor Swift while he jams out to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She makes custom printed cards while he works on an illustration. She pops champagne while he sips on whiskey. You get the idea. Then the video add more of a personal touch with some home video footage. There are flashing clips of Jon chilling in Thailand, Jess paddleboarding in the oceean and the two of them hanging out on the beach. As the video wraps up the couple walks into frame from opposite sides with massive “save the date” script nestled between them. September 19th? You can mark us as a definite “yes.”

Now, about that wedding… we’re thinking a Royal Tenenbaum theme is kind of a must.

Have you seen any inventive save-the-date ideas recently? Tell us all about them in the comments below.