It can’t be stated enough: There are a ton of choices to make about your wedding day. And when it comes to that decision making, from the internal battle over sporting a sheer, shiny lipgloss or rocking a classic red lipstick to figuring out the flower situation (flower crowns for all your girls or just the flower girl?), your answers should really be based on what type of bride you want to be on your big day. Your bridal vibes should be a reflection of who you (and your partner!) are, so it’s important to understand what kind of bride you identify with most. Are you a free-spirited babe with toes-in-the-sand dreams? A forward-thinking fashion girl who wants to keep it modern and minimalist? What if you’re all about that princess gown, white wedding, black tie thing? Or are you the kind of bride that throws tradition totally out the window?  Take this quiz to figure out what type of bride you are and which direction you might want to take on your big day when it comes to bridal style, venue, food, playlist and more.

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