If you recall, we launched our first app, Weduary, just about a month ago. If you don't recall, Weduary is a new way to create a social and beautiful wedding website. Not only is it super simple to create a pretty, customized site, but we're also making it easy for wedding guests to connect to one another before the big event. Because, if you've ever watched Wedding Crashers, you clearly know that weddings are the perfect occasion for meeting new friends…or significant others ;)

For the past month since launch, we've been overwhelmed by the traction and excitement about the product and have been hard at work creating new features for all of our brides, grooms and guests. Check out a few of the latest features:


Check out our new premium themes, complete with a secondary color palette option. Once you purchase a premium theme, you own it forever, even if you want to switch. And remember, free themes in several colors are always available. Be on the look out for even more soon!


Take control of your site. We want you to have the liberty to build the wedding site of your dreams. We're working hard to allow you to hide or show any page or feature that exists on the site. Most recently, we've given you the ability to hide the Registry page as well as the Guests page. We'll soon be launching even more options for hiding or showing other pages and features.


Edit to your heart's content! We've added new fields for more customized information relating to all of your logistics, including events, transportation, and accommodations. Want to add something more? There's now a "More Info" section, where you can add any other type of info you wish, like Things To Do, Weather Outlook and more!


Have guests without Facebook accounts? Go public! Use your Settings page to declare your site public or private. All new Weduary accounts will be public by default. When a site is public, anyone on the web can view it. Your guests with Facebook accounts can still take advantage of the social features and RSVP options by logging in.


More fun for guests! Guests can now browse other guests' mutual friends, common interests, and additional info using a simple mouse hover. (If you're a bride or groom, don't forget to add personal stories about each guest on the Guests page in your Dashboard!) Guests can also edit profile pictures directly from their profile. Up next? Special features for the wedding party.


We're not done yet! We've also added other small features like the ability to change the order of you and your fiancé's name, make your wedding and event dates TBD, set up a wedding with a spouse who is not yet on Facebook, re-order events, and more. Have other feature requests? Let us know!

More exciting stuff is coming soon, like the ability to customize your RSVP list, highlight your wedding party, use a mobile app to stay connected to other guests, and more. Have thoughts about Weduary? Reach out on Facebook and Twitter to discuss.

Stay tuned for more wedding awesomeness coming from our team at Brit & Co.!