Somehow tomorrow’s Apple event, where the iPhone 6 will definitely be discussed, and the iWatch just might be talked about — and who knows what’s up with those giant iPads — is getting more love in our social feeds than Kate Middleton’s pregnancy announcement. We know, we know — WTF is R-I-G-H-T. But while we start hoping for a girl for Will and Catherine, even our eyes are more closely trained on tomorrow’s long-anticipated Apple reveal than the guest list at Neil Patrick Harris’s secret wedding this weekend. Whether you hate ‘em or love ‘em, we know you, like us can’t live without spoilers sometimes, so here are 10 we compiled that will majorly whet your appetite for all things Apple happening tomorrow.

1. The Location Means Big Things Are Coming: This isn’t an event taking place in any ol’ auditorium or space. The sheer fact that tomorrow’s Apple announcement is happening in the Flint Center for the Performing Arts (where the Macintosh was first unveiled publicly in 1984!) is a major hat tip to the BFD that Apple assumes said announcement will be.

Apple Insider posted aerial drone footage of the structure Apple is building next to the Flint Center, which some suspect will be used as a sort of demo area where attendees can experience all that will be revealed tomorrow. Uh, forget the actual event, we’ll be hanging out in there in our dreams, thanks very much.

2. Apple Is Unveiling Two Phones: You got this one by now, right?! Get ready to drool over not one, but two new phones, one rumored to be 4.7 inches, and the other, a larger phablet-like version of the 6 that rings in at 5.5 inches.

3. Meet the iPhone 6 Plus: The larger of the two new iPhones will have a whole new name. Forget Minis and Nanos, this one is the Plus. Macotakara is reporting that the 5.5-inch version of the iPhone 6 will be officially known as the iPhone 6 Plus.

4. Both Phones Will Launch September 19: Despite rumors that production on the larger of the two smartphones was delayed, MacRumors is reporting (via French site that both models will go on sale on Friday, September 19.

5. We’ll Get to SEE the iWatch: Tough life, we know, but it’s been a little overwhelming having to keep our iPhone and iWatch rumors (let alone our excitement) straight, but hopefully the wait is just about over after tomorrow when we’ll get an actual look at Apple’s wearable. The latest leak shows an iWatch with a rectangular body and a round sensor plate.

6. Anna Wintour Could Be There: Okay, maybe not Anna, but there might just be a Vogue representative or two dozen live blogging along with the tech set tomorrow. Forget Rebecca Minkoff and YSL for one sec, wearable watchers, fashion editors are the new hot, first time invites for the 9/9 event. We’re also wondering if this hints toward a development in iBeacon technology.

7. Apple Is Bringing It iHome: Although announced at this year’s WWDC, except more about Apple’s HomeKit and how the new iPhone ties into it and your casa tomorrow. Maybe there’s even an iPhone 6-powered smart home ready to be toured in that mysterious white building, eh?

8. Get to the Heart of HealthKit: Same here, especially since we’ve seen a leaked screenshot or two of what the new Health app will look like on iOS 8. Since the M7 co-processor inside the iPhone 5s will be able to track and plot your steps, it’s safe to assume we will see a similar use and then some in the next versions of Apple’s smartphone.

9. Say Bye to Your Wallet: No, no, you’ll need it if you’re going to place any pre-orders for any of these big reveals, BUT on the potential docket to discuss is Apple’s new mobile payment system, which plans to transform your phone and wearables into your wallet on the go. Rumor has it that CVS and Walgreen’s are already on board.

10. An iPad Announcement: Could a whole new iPad unveiling be the Cinderella story of tomorrow’s event?! Unclear (and, those are some pretty pretty stepsisters she has to compete with if so), but the next iPad is rumored to launch around the same time as the iPhone 6, so tablet lovers might get their just downloads, too.

Follow the countdown down to the second on Apple’s homepage, and make sure to follow along on Brit + Co tomorrow at 10am PT, where we’ll be live blogging the announcement and geeking out along with all of you!

Are you already reserving a space in line for the iPhone 6? What are you most excited about hearing tomorrow? Share with us below!