Forget who’s stumbling outta da club at 2 am with whom, the new, hot celebrity taking up valuable homepage real estate on TMZ is the latest member of the Apple family: the iPhone 6. LOL, right? The sixth coming of the Apple smartphone is SUCH a BFD at this point that tabloids are starting to chase it down for exclusive pics.

The leaked photos (above and below!) are of a device that was apparently “smuggled out of a Foxconn factory in China,” the spot where many of the models are manufactured, by someone in the hardware department who designs the iPhone 6‘s outer casing. Although this claims to be THE real deal, the phone is not running iOS yet so even if you got your paws on this pre-Lifeproof, you couldn’t set up Snapchat just yet.

We have to say, the photos aren’t sapphire screen-shattering, but you can definitely spot the larger screen and rumored beveled edges. TMZ’s source also reports that the phone feels lighter than the current model and has an unidentified sensor on the front.

There’s also a new date to keep in mind: We told you about the September 9th announcement and now uSwitch is reporting that the phone will be on sale as early as September 19th.

All will be (better be, Tim and Craig!) revealed on September 9th but for now, excuse us while we catch up on our Bieber news.

Are you lining up for your iPhone 6 already? What do you think of the leaked pix? Sound off below!

(h/t TMZ + iPhone concept)