Memorial Day weekend is on the horizon, and we’ve got our swimsuits at the ready. Our swimsuit bodies are nearly there too; just a few hairs left to strip off before we strip down. But hold up — are you supposed to shave, wax, or do something else to get bikini-ready? Here’s a guide to getting rid of unwanted hair everywhere, because no one has time for that. Seriously, we’ve got pool parties to attend to, ladies.

1. Legs: To prep your legs, you’ve got options. If you’re going to go the shaving route, never use soap. Instead, the experts at Schick recommend applying a thick shaving gel or cream before shaving in the direction of hair growth with a fresh razor blade (They recommend the Schick Hydro Silk Razor [$9]). Shave every other day for best results, depending on how quickly your hair grows. If you want to wax, get prepping now while you can still wear pants. You’ll want to make sure the hair is at least 1/8 to ¼ inch long, or about two weeks of growth.

2. Bikini Line: If you’re planning to hit the beach hard this season, try to get a bikini-line wax every two weeks, recommends Melanie Coba, brand ambassador for the European Wax Center. For itty-bitty suits (and the very brave), Coba says to go for a Brazilian every three to four weeks, which allows for enough growth between sessions. Luckily, that’s only about six appointments between now and Labor Day. Do not use retinoid creams before waxing and be sure to follow each sesh with a gentle wash or cleansing wipe.

3. Underarms: If you are constantly shaving your underarms, you might start to notice dark spots due to ingrown hairs. Waxing is an alternative option that’s ultimately better for the delicate area. Get a touch-up every two weeks, recommends Coba. After your underarm is treated, avoid deodorants containing aluminum that can lead to discolored skin and irritation.

4. Stomach and Other Unwanted Body Hair: Have other stubborn hair to deal with? Let it grow out and then head back for a wax every three to four weeks to keep things super smooth, suggests Coba. Otherwise, shaving areas like your arms and stomach can result in unwanted ingrown hair that can eventually turn into dark blemishes.

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