The guest list is set. Or is it? Your baby shower is weeks away and you鈥檙e still not 100 percent sure who to invite. There are the obvious asks, such as your sister and your own mother. But that still leaves plenty of spaces to fill. Before you start sending out invites, check out the friends, relatives, and others who need to be on your baby shower guest list.

Women at a baby shower

1. Your Mother-in-Law: Even if she lives across the country, you need to invite your mother-in-law. She鈥檚 about to become a grandmother and deserves to take part in this special event. Don鈥檛 stress if you have a strained relationship 鈥 after all, you did kind of take her baby away when you partnered up with your S.O. The olive branch you鈥檒l be offering with an invitation just might smooth things over.

2. Your Father-in-Law (FIL): Plenty of mamas-to-be are ditching the ladies-only standard and inviting the guys. If this is you, don鈥檛 exclude your father-in-law from the guest list 鈥 and of course, invite your own dad too!

3. Your Neighbor: She鈥檚 not exactly your BFF, but she has invited you over at least a few times, and you enjoy her company. You don鈥檛 need to invite absolutely every acquaintance, but this one is an exception. Chances are she鈥檒l see you toting your bounty of baby gifts from the car into your house. And when she does, she鈥檒l wonder why she didn鈥檛 score an invite to your shower.

4. Your Cubicle Mate: Reserve a spot at your shower for that coworker you love to catch up with every morning or go on your afternoon coffee run with. Like your neighbor, they鈥檙e probably going to find out about your party, whether it鈥檚 from the pics you post on Facebook or when they overhear you talking about what you did that weekend. And again, like your neighbor, they鈥檒l feel totally left out. This can make the workplace, and your workday, strained in a way that will have you counting down the days until your maternity leave.

5. Your Close Friend: Maybe you wouldn鈥檛 call her your bestie, but you do consider her a 鈥済ood鈥 friend. She isn鈥檛 the one who鈥檚 throwing the shower and she probably wasn鈥檛 the maid of honor if you had a wedding 鈥 but she is someone you see often and whom you called (or at least texted) when you found out that you were expecting.

6. Your Best Guy Pal: Like your FIL, your best guy friend is a must-add to the list if you鈥檙e having a co-ed shower. He鈥檚 not your baby daddy鈥檚 buddy and he may not even be part of the 鈥渃ouple friends鈥 the two of you have, but your S.O. is completely okay with him being part of your life now and in the future.

7. Your Cousin: This doesn鈥檛 literally have to be your cousin. It can be any other close family member that your mother would scold you in an ALL CAPS text for not inviting. Don鈥檛 start a family feud by excluding your third cousin or great aunt. Not inviting these people may make for more than a few awkward moments at family reunions, weddings, and other gatherings that include EVERYONE.

8. Your Mother鈥檚 BFF: This is also a special day for your own mother; even though you鈥檙e the one who鈥檚 having the baby, she鈥檚 probably reveling in becoming a grandma. Inviting someone who鈥檚 close to her can make your mom feel like you鈥檙e celebrating her as well. Plus it鈥檚 pretty likely that you鈥檝e known her best friend for a while and she鈥檚 been a big part of your life too.

9. Your Child: This is (obviously) for second-time mamas only. Adding a new baby to the family is exciting, but anxiety-producing, for some young children. Including your firstborn in all the events leading up to the birth is important to make them feel more comfortable with the changes that are to come.

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