Trends come and go in all aspects of life, even in the fitness world. One of the latest and strangest trends to make waves around the web is face yoga. Yes. Face yoga. This type of yoga doesn’t require a class, a mat or even any of the typical go-to poses. The only thing you need is, well, your face, and a daily commitment. The aim of this practice is to tighten the appearance of your mug without having to go under the knife or needle. A free way to work out while looking fresh-faced + younger? We’re sold!


One of the leaders of this movement is Fumiko Takatsu, the creator of Face Yoga Method. She’s got books + videos, focusing on everything from the forehead to the nasolabial folds and more. After surviving a car accident that altered her appearance, she tried lotions, creams and any promising facial product but saw no change in her skin. That’s when she began practicing facial exercises, and she has since expanded her practice. After making it popular in Japan, Fumiko is now taking face yoga stateside.

By practicing the below face stretches daily, Fumiko and followers claim you will be toning, lifting and rejuvenating your facial muscles and skin to smooth lines, strengthen your cheeks, tighten your neck, lift your eyes + brows and so much more. It’s time to say namaste to your face with our roundup of face yoga poses you should try tonight.


1. Firm Up the Cheeks: This move will tighten up your cheeks. You’ll need to take a big breath in and puff it internally from cheek to cheek. Repeat this 10 times for 5 to 10 seconds each. Afterward you’ll feel your cheeks are a lot tighter and stronger. Ready for all the smiling (or frowning) your day has planned for you. (via Mama Natural)


2. Strengthen the Jawline + Neck: By doing these three different moves — the Fish Face, Kissing the Ceiling and Grip Shake — you’ll be tightening up various parts of the face. From toning the lips + cheeks to releasing jaw tension + stress to plumping the lips, these three practices will be improving your neck and jawline in no time. Perfect for your weekend #OOTD photo session ;) (via Smart Workout)


3. Lessen Laugh Lines: One of the moves long-practicing facial yogi Ranjana Khan swears by is sucking in your cheeks to get rid of laugh lines. (via Into the Gloss)


4. Eyebrow Lift: Why pay a lot of money to sit in a chair and get Botox when you can get the same (if not better) results by doing this routine daily? To fight the aging of your eye + forehead area, pull back on specific pressure points in these spots. (via Interconnected Lives)


5. Lessen Eye Bag: It can be a nightmare fighting to hide under-eye circles. In addition to using makeup to cover up the bags, perform this stretching exercise to get crow’s feet to fly away. (via Sunina)


6. Neck Lift: By performing this simple exercise daily, you’ll be toning and lifting the neck area, leaving people guessing your age for years to come. (via Fab After Fifty)

Will you or have you tried face yoga? Let us know in the comments.