Fitness trends come and go. However, as wacky as some of these moves may be, they’re sometimes based in solid principles. Whether you’re looking to shake up your current routine or start a brand new one in the New Year, these 10 workouts will have you flipping upside-down, shaking your booty and jumping off the walls. Pump up the jams, pals.


1. Aerial Yoga: Play possum and get your workout in at the same time. Aerial classes are popping up everywhere, including aerial dance and yoga. (via Glamour)


2. Barre: Barre is an effective fusion of ballet, yoga and Pilates, using micro-movements to sculpt your bod. In practice, it looks a little like organized thrusting… it can get pretty weird. The Barre3 app ($5 for iOS) is a cool way to get used to the moves before you do them in public.


3. Paddleboard Yoga: Yoga is hard enough. Paddleboarding is hard enough. But put them together and you have one of the craziest core workouts ever. (via Play Buzz)


4. Parkour: You might remember parkour from a failed attempt at a viral video by Andy and Dwight from The Office, but it’s actually a pretty great workout when you take it (relatively) seriously. (via My Modern Met)


5. Buti Yoga: A yoga class where you can shake your booty? It’s like a downward dance party. (via 303 Magazine)


8. Belly Dancing: Y’all know there are some weird stripper dancing fitness classes out there, but we prefer belly dancing because you can leave your platform heels at home. (via Marsfield News)


9. Trampoline Fitness: Never learned how to do a somersault properly? Here’s your chance to do one while flying through the air. (via Launch Trampoline Park)


10. Hula Hooping: Those hips don’t lie. Neither do those abs, those legs and those arms. (via Diets in Review)

Are you trying out any new workouts? Let us know in the comments.