We love wine and we love dessert, and sometimes it’s just too hard to choose between the two. Fortunately, that problem has been solved for us! A glass of wine before bed may help keep the munchies at bay, but we’d just as soon combine our two favorites and have a dessert made with wine. If wine ice cream seems like too much work or wine slushies just aren’t your thing, try one of these sweet treats instead. Grab a bottle of inexpensive rosé, line up your favorite sangria recipes and check out Pinterest’s top wine dessert recipes. What better way to celebrate Rosé Day?


1. Chocolate Red Wine Cupcakes With Marionberry Frosting: Marionberries are a type of blackberry, and when combined with chocolate and red wine, they make something truly magical. Here the berries are reduced to create a sweet filling and added to a buttercream for a naturally pink frosting. (via Blahnik Baker)


2. Dark Chocolate Red Wine Truffles: We can’t think of anything better than wine in truffle form. (Except maybe wine and truffles.) Dry Cabernet makes these basic bittersweet truffles truly sing. They’d make a great treat to bring to your next book club or cocktail party. (via Well Plated)


3. Pavlova With Red Wine Cherry Compote: Pavlovas are deceptively simple to make. They take a bit of time, but it’s mostly hands-off, and the result is a crisp, airy base ready for a whole host of toppings. Cherries and red wine combine in a luxurious sauce that’s layered with a mascarpone-enhanced whipped cream for a dessert that will seriously wow your guests. (via Cooks With Cocktails)


4. Sangria Cupcakes: Sangria plus cupcakes? Yes, please! Vanilla cupcakes get an infusion of fruit, and the frosting is spiked with a sweet red wine syrup. You’ll def want a pitcher of sangria on hand when you serve these up. (via The First Year)


5. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Red Wine Popsicles: Hello, summer. These sweet strawberry and red wine popsicles are poised to become a new staple in your freezer. Whether you take the time to dip them or just enjoy with a square of dark chocolate on the side, you’re going to love these grown-up treats. (via Recipe Runner)

chocolate red wine chiffon cake 6

6. Chocolate Red Wine Chiffon Cake: When you need an elegant dessert to celebrate a special evening or take to a dinner party, a chiffon cake is the way to go. Dress up this towering chocolate dream with a red wine-spiked glaze and you’ll have a dessert to remember. (via Sprinkle Bakes)


7. Strawberries & Champagne Cake Balls: Cake balls are the most genius way to get more cake in our diet we’ve come across in a long time. Infusing them with Champagne makes this happy hour treat do double duty. Use your favorite packaged cake mix and you’re already halfway there. (via Sugar and Soul)


8. Pink Champagne Buttercream: Are there any sweeter words than pink, Champagne or buttercream? Just the thought has us dreaming of moist, fluffy cupcakes. Make this buttercream with your favorite Champagne (pink or otherwise) and slather it on everything. (via Wicked Good Kitchen)


9. Cherry Blackberry Red Wine Granita: This sweet-tart refresher will be the star of your next garden party. Blend red wine with berries and thyme and crown with a sour cream topping and a dusting of fresh cracked black pepper for an unexpected delight. (via The Flavor Bender)


10. Red Wine Truffles: If you prefer a richer and slightly less sweet chocolate truffle, this is the recipe for you. Add in your favorite Pinot and roll in cocoa powder for a dark, luscious treat. (via Recipe Girl)

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