We love wine and we love ice cream. To make the most of both, we highly recommend trying out some wine slushie recipes, and we know boozy ice cream shakes are a brilliant way to combine dessert with happy hour. But why not take your game one step further by making your ice cream with the wine right in it? Pick up a bottle of your favorite sweet red or white, or get wild and try a bottle of orange wine to pair with summer fruits or chocolate. Go crazy — the sky’s the limit! To get you started, check out these 16 wine ice cream recipes, just in time for National Wine Day.


1. Red Wine Ice Cream: Merlot and vanilla come together in a simple, sweet and tangy ice cream. A spiced red wine syrup takes it over the top for an adult sundae that redefines happy hour. (via Cooking With Janica)


2. Ultimate Dark Chocolate & Malbec Ice Cream: We know chocolate and red wine are a match made in culinary heaven, so why not combine them in one luscious dessert? The extra-dark chocolate is balanced by sweetened condensed milk, and the best part is you don’t need any special tools to make it. (via They Call It the Diamond Blog)


3. Wine Ice Cream: Just three ingredients go into this simple version of wine ice cream. Start with a sweet white or even rosé for a refreshing treat without a ton of added sugar. (via The Sits Girls)


4. Sangria Sorbet: Now that you’ve got the basics (red, white and chocolate!), let’s talk sangria. Wine, booze and fruit make up this quick sorbet that’s the perfect pick-me-up on a hot day. (via Host the Toast)


5. Cheesecake Ice Cream With Blueberry & Red Wine Swirl: These cones might be the ultimate indulgence. Wine, cream cheese and fresh berries make up this smashing red, white and blue ice cream that would be ideal for the Fourth of July. (via A Cookie Named Desire)


6. Fig and Muscat Wine Ice Cream With Salted Pistachio Praline: Figs don’t stay in season for long, so when they finally make an appearance, we want to use them in allll the recipes. This ice cream is so pretty and simple to make, it’s sure to be a new favorite. Plus, who can say no to salted pistachio praline? (via My Little Expat Kitchen)


7. Healthy Red Wine Ice Cream: This rendition of red wine ice cream involves an entire box of wine. However, it also offers protein from Greek yogurt and subs all added sugar with Stevia. Whether or not that makes it *good* for us is debatable, but we’re willing to test it out and see. (via Desserts With Benefits)


8. Brown Sugar Brandy Ice Cream: This rich dessert uses a traditional custard base and blends in dark brown sugar and brandy for deep, luxurious flavor to enjoy all year long. We wanna snuggle up by a fire with this one. (via Pass the Sushi)


9. Moscato and Spices Poached Pear Gelato: You had us at gelato! All the flavors of fall shine through this cream-based treat. Cinnamon, cloves, anise and honey are just as at home in this ice cream as they would be in any baked good. It’s like having pie in ice-cream form! (via Lady & Pups)


10. Sangria Sorbet: This sangria-inspired sorbet is a true chameleon. Keep it light with fresh citrus and a fruity red for summer, or dial up the warmth with mulling spices and a fuller-bodied option for the colder months. (via Dessert for Two)


11. Strawberry-Port Cheesecake Ice Cream: Combining a classic dessert (cheesecake) with a classic dessert wine (port) and churning it into ice cream is a brilliant move in our book. The strawberries and port are cooked down into a syrup that’s swirled into the ice cream, and you should probably make extra to put on *everything.* (via F&B Department)


12. Moscato & Blackberry Ice Cream: No cooking, no tricky custard base and only five ingredients (including wine)? We’re in. Sweet Moscato and fruit-flavored wines (think strawberry and peach) are fun additions to summer ice creams, and we want to try all the combinations. (via Sugar Spun Run)


13. Zinfandel Cherry Sorbet: Sweet cherries pack a powerful punch in this deep red sorbet. The wine is cooked down in a syrupy reduction to minimize the zing of the alcohol and intensify the rich flavors for a dessert that will be the star of the meal. (via Blender Babes)


14. Red Wine and Cocoa Frozen Yogurt: Greek yogurt, red wine and honey — have we been transported to the Mediterranean? This custardy dessert also blends in cocoa for the ultimate decadent treat. (via Killing Thyme)


15. Raspberry Zinfandel Sorbet: We want to dive right into this lip-smacking sorbet. Fresh (or frozen!) raspberries plus zesty Zinfandel make for a bright, refreshing treat that’s perfect for a warm summer day. Pair with a square of dark chocolate for a decadent finish. (via Butterlust)


16. Frozen Apple Halva: This frozen confection draws inspiration from halva, a sweet Indian dessert seasoned with cardamom. The gorgeous golden color comes from the addition of saffron, and it gets a boozy spike from sweet rosé. (via A Brown Table)

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