Dressing in the winter can be boring with a capital B. Sometimes all-black everything can be *too* black and no fun. Are you looking to jazz up your winter wardrobe this year? It’s simple. Just top everything off with a unique winter coat to take that so-so outfit to the next level. Because, while comfortable beyond belief, that black puffy coat just isn’t going to cut it every single day. Take a peek at these 15 bloggers for some major winter coat inspiration.


1. Bright Yellow: Something that winter lacks a lot of is sun, so why not take on that role with a bright yellow coat? Sounds like a good plan to us. (via Lovely Pepa)


2. Color Block: C’mon, who doesn’t love a little color block in their lives? Camel, black and hot pink is the perfect combo for a dreary winter day. (via Where Did U Get That)


3. Red Tartan: Plaid is always a good option. This red tartan jacket is totally adorable and with those leather sleeves? We can’t even. (via Curvy Girl Chic)


4. Punchy Pink: If you want to pack a big (and we mean big) punch, then here ya go. This hot… no HOT pink coat will surely brighten your cold snowy day. (via Keiko Lynn)


5. Heather Gray and Navy: Okay, so maybe you’re not in the mood for something super vibrant. This heather gray and navy coat is a great alternative to that boring black jacket. (via Topshop)


6. Neon Coral: Who doesn’t love a pinch of neon? This coat is sure to turn some heads in the new year. (via Lilly Style)


7. Black and White Plaid: If you just can’t shake your love for B+W, opt for this plaid coat to amp up your gray-scale game. (via Gabi Fresh)


8. Cobalt Blue: If you ask us, this girl sure knows how to rock bright colors in the winter. (via Naja Diamond)


9. Burgundy: Ahhh, the color of the season. You can’t go wrong with a little burgundy in your wardrobe. (via 9 to 5 Chic)


10. Orange Tartan: Make a (serious) statement with an orange tartan coat. Plus, if you wear this bright of a coat, you’re allowed to wear gray or all-black underneath. (via Kendi Everyday)


11. Pink and Cream: Invest in a cream coat that will go with just about anything in your closet. Yep, even your hot pink heals, hat and clutch. (via Scent of Obsession)


12. Red, Navy and Khaki: Not only do we love the length of this coat, but we’re also swooning over the red and navy color-block action it has goin’ on. (via Viva Luxury)


13. Classic Cognac: When in doubt, a classic cognac is the way to go. Just ask this style blogger who is totally rocking her trench over a green sweater and tartan button down. (via Extra Petite)


14. Checked Charcoal: Checkered charcoal? Check. We’re going on the hunt for a coat like this STAT. (via Dust Jacket)


15. Winter White: Winter white is a total must during the coldest months of the year. Add a plaid scarf for extra warmth and a touch of chic. (via Ferbena)

Who are your favorite bloggers to get fashion inspiration from? Let us know in the comments below.