As far as we’re concerned, EVERYTHING looks better when there’s color blocking involved. The dresses are more fun, your nails are more colorful and the most basic items are party ready. And if you think we’ve had enough of this trend, think again because you can never have too much color in your life. Whether you choose to buy or DIY, embrace the rainbow by incorporating these 22 color block items into your kitchen and home.

1. DIY Color Blocked Coasters: The pastel shades on these coasters are the perfect way to serve up cocktails at your next ice cream party. (via Poppytalk)

2. DIY Neon Painted Kitchen Utensils: There’s something about wooden utensils that immediately make your kitchen feel more homey. Spice yours up a little with this simple DIY. (via Sarah Hearts)

3. Dowood Table Lamp Collection ($195+): We love everything about these lamps, from the color blocking to the geometric shapes. The diagonal lines of the wire base play up the geometric feel, making this lamp even cooler. We know, you didn’t think that was possible.

4. Pantone Espresso Set ($70): Pantone is royalty when it comes to all things color (these are the guys that get to declare the Color of the Year), so it’s only natural that this color blocked espresso set would make the list. It’s perfect for gifting to your favorite coffee drinker.

5. DIY Color Blocked Garden Markers: Every home chef needs an herb garden (and hey, even if you’re no chef you always need fresh mint to make mojitos). An indoor herb garden is easier to make than you would think and these little markers make it more fun. (via Sarah Hearts)

6. Inverse Air Plant Pod Set ($35): Color blocking AND polka dots?! The tiny shape makes these little planters even more adorable. And to make your life easier, the plant is included.

7. Color Block Magnets ($26 for set of 12): The humble magnet gets a makeover with the help of color blocking. The shape is just a simple square block, but the colors and triangle print give it a modern pop-art twist.

8. Color Block Placemat ($18): Although sometimes forgotten in lieu of other party decor, placemats are a great way to liven up your table. This one is also uniquely shaped, making it waaaayyy cooler than regular old rectangular mats.

9. Color Blocked Baguette Cutting Boards ($95): These nautical themed wooden boards are not only bold and stylish, they’re also multifunctional. Use the painted side for serving up cheese and snacks, and the other side as a chopping board.

10. DIY Color Block Food Domes: These colorful domes are such a cute way to keep unwanted bugs away from food at picnics and outdoor events. They can also be used as a funky way to serve (and reveal) your food at parties. (via Sugar + Cloth)

11. DIY Color Block Cutting Board: While we’re all for color here at Brit HQ, there’s something so elegant about something that’s simply white. But if you really can’t deal with the lack of color (which we totally understand!), it’s easy enough to recreate this in your favorite bright hue. (via Jennifer Rizzo)

12. Assembly Home Color Block Mug ($20 for set of four): Coffee mugs are one of those items that your kitchen cabinets are probably overflowing with. And really, can you ever have too many of them? Nope. Add to your collection with these awesome color blocked mugs (which also come with matching plates and bowls… just sayin’).

13. Moth Origami Lamp Shade ($101): In the words of celeb stylist Rachel Zoe, we DIE over this lampshade! The architectural shape is unlike anything we’ve seen before and the whole thing is folded out of one piece of paper (crazy!).

14. Modern Neon Hardwood Salad Bowl ($54): Neons, pastels and neutrals: Somehow these three distinct colors go together beautifully in this wooden bowl. Make sure to browse around Nicole Porter’s Etsy shop for many more options like this.

15. Color Block Muddler ($20): You’ve seen bartenders use muddlers to make your favorite cocktails and now you can do the same at home. Snatch up this handy little tool in a color block print and try out some delicious cocktail recipes.

16. Colorful Door Knobs: At some point in your 20’s, IKEA was the go-to for all your furniture needs. But that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck with the same look as everyone else. The tiny pop of color from these DIY knobs will make a huge impact towards personalizing your space. (via Design Love Fest)

17. Magical Thinking Color Block Catch-All Dish ($15): This glossy enamel tray is perfect for tossing keys, loose change and other knick-knacks into when you walk in the door.

18. Color Block Clocks: That’s right, you can make your own CLOCK! Switch up the color combos and patterns to match your aesthetic and never buy a clock again. (via Brit + Co)

19. Color Clock Dinnerware ($20+): Go all out with the color blocking trend and pick up the entire collection of these bowls, plates and mugs for your kitchen. The scalloped edges are oh-so-pretty.

20. DIY Color Blocked Wooden Cutlery: Disposable utensils have never looked so good! Besides, we know you need some colorful spoons for all that ice cream you’re going to be eating. (via Studio DIY)

21. Color Block Candles: Candles are a great way to add simple decor elements to your home. Make a bunch of these color block crayon candles and gift them to everyone you know — including yourself. You can buy the kit right here. (via Brit + Co)

22. DIY Color Block Wine Rack: DIY and colors are what we’re known for at Brit + Co, so it’s only natural that we’d have so many color block projects in our archives. Repurpose coffee cans into a truly unique wine rack for your bar. (via Brit + Co)

How are you going to incorporate the color block trend into your home? Do you prefer to buy or DIY? Comment away!